Who is the smartest animal wikipedia

Who is the smartest animal on Wikipedia, animals are spread all over the world and find wild and marine animals, cute and fierce animals, and there are many cute animals that are raised at home

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Who is the smartest animal after man?

It is generally agreed that orangutans, in particular, are among the most intellectual creatures on the planet, second only to humans. There is little room for debate about the big apes' level of intellect.

Over 96 percent of the DNA is virtually indistinguishable from one another. In addition, orangutans have deep cultural connections to one another and a sophisticated mechanism for communicating between species.

These socially cohesive, intelligent animals live in communities that are far apart from one another.

Is the dolphin the smartest animal?

Recent studies have shown that the brain size of the dolphin is "much larger than what its body needs for basic bodily functions." This attribute contributes to the dolphin's reputation as the most intellectual of all marine animals.

They also have the ability to interact with others and have a natural curiosity comparable to that of humans.

In addition to their capacity for learning, dolphins have a rich vocabularies and exhibit a highly advanced degree of emotional development.

They also have their own personalities, they are able to recognize themselves when they look in the mirror, and they may use this instrument to conduct an analysis of their bodies and find symptoms that have not yet been recognized.

Who is the smartest animal wikipedia

Because humans and chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA and many of their cognitive skills, it seems reasonable to begin our list with one of our closest living cousins.

Chimpanzees are the closest living relative to humans. In a study that took place in 2007, researchers examined the cognitive abilities of three different groups: university students, adolescent chimps, and adult chimpanzees.

The test required the participants to recall where each number was located on the list after gazing at a touch screen displaying a list of numbers in each group for a period of time that was much less than one second.

Surprisingly, the older group of chimpanzees fared about the same as the students at the university, but the younger group of chimps performed much better.

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