where to read Tougen Anki chapter 148 release date

Upon losing one of his hands, Otohara made the decision to align himself with Hirunama, with Hizumi volunteering to fill in the missing side.

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Tougen Anki chapter 148 release date

However, Otohara vehemently refused to allow him to undertake such a sacrifice and instead blinded Hizumi with his hand, preventing him from proceeding.

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Shiki, the leader, instructed his loyal followers to gather behind him, while he specifically directed Hizumi to approach him. This time, Shiki was resolute in his determination to eliminate Hizumi and emerge victorious in their impending battle.

Hizumi noticed an uncanny resemblance between Shiki and his father, who possessed a charismatic personality and swiftly earned the admiration of those around him. In a moment of introspection, Hizumi once asked his father if he could grow up to be like him, to which his father replied with the belief that Hizumi would surpass him and become an even greater individual.

The demise of his father left Hizumi crestfallen, yet he cherished his father's memory with immense pride. However, his mother held a contrasting viewpoint. She insisted that Hizumi must always comply and never defy commands in order to foster his resilience and strength as he grew up.

Hizumi's mother took his education to extreme levels and subjected him to torture whenever he dared to disobey. There came a point when she began to subject him to severe physical abuse and withheld food until he acquiesced to her demands.

Tougen Anki chapter 148

where to read Tougen Anki chapter 148

In a cruel twist, she locked him in a dark room for days, asserting that her actions were meant to guide and assist him rather than cause harm. Determined to prevent Hizumi from following in his father's footsteps, she commenced an intense training regimen from an early age to mold him into a stronger individual.

For avid readers eager to know the release date of Tougen Anki Chapter 148, mark your calendars for Sunday, July 2, 2023, when the next installment of the series is set to be unveiled.

Depending on your time zone, here are the corresponding release times for the readers of Tougen Anki:

- EST: 8:30 PM
- JST: 9:30 AM
- KST: 9:30 AM
- PHT: 8:30 AM
- AEST: 10:30 AM
- IST: 6:00 AM
- NT: 8:30 PM

To read the upcoming chapter of Tougen Anki, you can visit the official website of Manga Cross, where Chapter 148 will be available online.

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