where to read The Age of Influence Season 2

While some find solace and joy in the realm of social media and the internet, it can be a source of terror for others. On the surface, social media appears to be a utopia, filled with light and endless possibilities. However, beneath this facade lies a hidden darkness, waiting to be uncovered.

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where to read The Age of Influence Season 2

Hulu's Age of Influence delves into the depths of this darkness, exposing the sinister side of social media through the lives of social influencers. The series offers a unique perspective, refusing to solely place blame on the influencers themselves.

Age of Influence gives voice to the victims, former friends, and fellow influencers, allowing viewers to gain insight into their motivations, justifications, and even their remorse. Through intimate interviews, the series provides a backstage pass to the captivating and often shocking story. Brace yourself for a thrilling and unfiltered view of these extraordinary events!

In the final episode of Season 1, titled "The Con-influencer," audiences are introduced to Tracii Hutsona, a con artist with aspirations of fame as an actress, influencer, and YouTube reality star. However, Hutsona's plans take a dark turn as she wreaks havoc out of spite, causing harm to numerous individuals along the way.

The Age of Influence Season 2

How many Episodes of The Age of Influence Season 2 will be there

Her targets include a prominent figure in LA, a restaurant owner, and even Joumana Kidd, the former wife of basketball star Jason Kidd. Through deceitful tactics, Hutsona manipulates Kidd and embezzles money from her children's college funds using a forged power of attorney form.

Additionally, she shamelessly copies menus and merchandise from two franchise establishments, resulting in chaos and mistreatment of customers. The episode exposes the ripple effect of Hutsona's actions and how they impact the lives of those around her.

The Age of Influence serves as a poignant portrayal of the dark underbelly of humanity and the internet. While Season 2 awaits renewal, it is reasonable to assume that the upcoming season will continue to shed light on the hidden practices and malevolence within the seemingly perfect world of influencers.

Expect Season 2 of Age of Influence to delve even deeper into the chilling and unsettling truths of the social media landscape. It promises to be just as gripping, suspenseful, and spine-tingling, leaving viewers glued to their screens.

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