where to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149

Fans can look forward to a wealth of new material that will keep their interest in the series alive. The raw scans will be made available for download in a variety of formats, which will make it easier to access the newly added content.

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where to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149

They can be found in online groups such as 4chan and Reddit where people have similar interests. As a direct consequence of this, we predict that the week of August 12, 2023 will be available.
Mercenary Enrollment: A Review of Its Contents Chapter 148: Summary

After successfully luring Dushik into falling into Seokbae's trap, Hyunsung proceeds to inflict injury on him by stabbing him in the side with the knife. The motive that led Seokbae to bring the injured Dushik to him was one that was erroneous and misguided, and it was motivated by the desire to settle previous wagers.

When Dushik fought back against Seokbae's effort to hurt him, he was successful and ended up brutally killing some of Seokbae's soldiers. The hostility that has existed between Seokbae and Dushik for a long time is something that Seokbae is unwilling to let go of. Dushik confronts Seokbae with concerns regarding his use of Hyunsung, alluding to the fact that Seokbae is still tormenting Hyunsung.

In their conversation, Seokbae reveals to Dushik that he is aware of a number of issues, one of which being the disappearance of monies from the safe. In his line of questioning, Dushik suggests that Seokbae is insinuating that he will act now, despite the fact that he has not been able to take any action recently. Dushik also makes fun of Seokbae, alleging that it was a cowardly move on Seokbae's part to include the naive Hyunsung in an attempt to injure him and draw him here, and that Seokbae is behaving in a terrible manner. This statement serves as the impetus for Seokbae and his soldiers to launch an assault on Dushik with the intention of eliminating him. Dushik takes a substantial amount of damage, but he goes head-to-head with the men without any weapons and wins each fight against them individually.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149

how to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149

Hyunsung was aware of Dushik's popularity, but he was not aware of Dushik's amazing strength, so he is taken aback when he observes Dushik defeating everyone. Hyunsung was just aware of Dushik's fame. While Hyunsung is beginning to have second thoughts about the path he has decided to take, Dushik is beginning to feel the progressive decline of his physical state.

Dooshik's fighting prowess is praised sarcastically by Seokbae, but he makes it clear that he is well aware of Dooshik's current physical condition and is well aware that Dooshik cannot continue to fight for much longer. Ijin makes an unexpected appearance at the scene while the other men are getting ready to launch another assault on Dooshik while disguised as a delivery worker wearing a helmet.

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