what does rate limit exceeded mean on twitter

Based on analytics data, there is a significant number of users attempting to send or request information from the Twitter server at any given moment.

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what does rate limit exceeded mean on twitter

Due to the server's capacity limit, Twitter has implemented various restrictions depending on the action you wish to perform.

One of these limitations manifests as an error message stating "Rate limit exceeded" displayed on your screen. But what does this error signify?

Undoubtedly, this topic may seem complex, particularly if you're not well-versed in technology. This article aims to provide you with all the necessary information to comprehend the subject. It covers the causes of the error, how to resolve it, and essential details to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.

To begin with, the Twitter API software serves as an intermediary between Twitter servers and third-party app servers, translating the information into a readable format.

This enables developers, analysts, and anyone else to utilize the received data to create automated posts and gain insights about their target audience.

Considering the enormous volume of API requests received by the Twitter server simultaneously, the developers of the app established a limit on the number of requests each user can make within an hour.

Some reasons for implementing this limit include:

Preventing server overload, which could lead to a crash.
Safeguarding against scams and malicious activities like DDoS attacks.
Ensuring Twitter's API delivers accurate and scalable information to users.

Please note that Twitter doesn't enforce API limits on its own website. Consequently, the error message will appear on third-party apps, and the official Twitter account will cease to function until the rate limit expires.

Furthermore, when it comes to sending information to Twitter, such as tweeting or retweeting, these actions do not deplete your API count. The rate limits only apply to requests made for information retrieval.

How Many API Calls Are Allowed on Twitter?
According to Twitter Support, third-party developers are permitted to make up to 100 API calls per hour, distributed across 15-minute intervals.

However, it's important to note that each API call incurs a different count depending on the action performed. As an example, refreshing your Twitter page consumes 3 API calls.

Here's a breakdown of the number of API calls for specific actions:

To retrieve information about the creation, deletion, or updating of Twitter lists, you're allowed 300 API calls per 15 minutes.
If you want details on which tweets a user liked and the users who liked them, you can only make 75 API calls per 15 minutes.
For information about user lookups, you can make up to 900 API calls. Additionally, if you want to know if they followed the looked-up user, you're limited to 75 API calls per 15 minutes.
If you're interested in spaces users explore and whether they searched for them manually, you're allotted 300 API calls per 15 minutes.


How to Avoid the "Rate Limit Exceeded" Error on Twitter?

As encountering the "Rate Limit Exceeded" error can be inconvenient, here are a few strategies to help you avoid this situation:

Reduce your usage percentage to around 60-70%. While this may result in fewer updates, it also means using fewer of your allocated API requests. You can find this setting in the preferences of your third-party app.
Adjust your search parameters accordingly. For instance, if you're tracking account engagement using three keywords, remove the one that receives fewer updates after each API call.
Store API results within your third-party app if you anticipate needing them for an extended period. This way, you can avoid making multiple API requests for the same information.

Resolving the Twitter "Rate Limit Exceeded" Error
Encountering the "Rate Limit Exceeded" error can be frustrating for developers or individuals who rely on Twitter for more than just entertainment. Here are a couple of solutions to address the issue:

Fix #1: Wait it out. Since you cannot use your account for a certain period after encountering the error, you can use this time to take a break or wait for the limit to reset. Typically, your account will be accessible again within a few minutes.

Fix #2: Change your Twitter account password. If you're unable to wait for the app-enforced limit to expire, changing your Twitter password has been reported by some users to reset the timer.

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