Weather and climate in the United Arab Emirates

Although the United Arab Emirates are recognized for having a desert climate, the weather in the Emirates during the winter is typically pleasant. If you are interested in the climate of the Emirates and its four distinct seasons, you will find the information you want in the following paragraphs of our article, which is devoted to a comprehensive discussion of the weather in the Emirates.

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UAE climate and weather

The weather in the Emirates is characterized by a desert environment, and since practically all of the emirates of the country are situated on the coast facing the Persian Gulf, the temperature of the country is characterized by high levels of humidity, and as a result, we find all of our locations inside it.

with the use of an air conditioner. With an average rainfall of just 100 millimeters throughout the winter season, the United Arab Emirates is not included among the nations that experience a large amount of precipitation.

Weather in UAE in winter

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) considers winter to be the most beautiful season of the year.

It begins in December and continues until March, and during this time, the weather is mild and pleasant. Daytime temperatures in winter reach 25 degrees Celsius, and evening temperatures reach 15 degrees Celsius.

This creates an environment that is conducive to a wide variety of activities that can be done in Dubai during the winter. During the winter season, the country welcomes a sizable number of visitors who come to take advantage of the fact that some of the world's most well-known tourist attractions remain open throughout the year in Dubai thanks to the pleasant climate in the Emirates.

Regarding the beaches of the Emirates, which are often the first stop for visitors that come to the Emirates.

The daytime temperatures are rather pleasant in the countryside.

Weather in the UAE in spring

The weather in the Emirates is dry in the spring, beginning in March and continuing until June.

Temperatures are high in comparison to the months of the winter season, and the average temperature reaches about 28 degrees Celsius, and there are only a few brief rain showers no more than two or three times per month.

This is in contrast to the countries of Europe and the Levant. The average temperature starts to steadily increase, reaching 31 degrees Celsius in April, at least 35 degrees Celsius in May, and sometimes even 39 degrees Celsius or more in the springtime.

Weather in the UAE in spring

Summer weather in the UAE

Summer temperatures in the Emirates can reach over 42 degrees Celsius, and residents of the Emirates consider the summer months to be the busiest months of the year.

Summer months begin in June and end in September, and August is typically considered to be one of the hottest summer months.

months in the Emirates, with a temperature that is, on average, 42 degrees Celsius.

Weather in the UAE in the fall

The autumn season is not considered the shortest in the weather of the UAE, and it is not much different from the summer season, except that the temperatures in it begin to decrease in preparation for entering the winter season, and the fall extends from September to December, when the average temperature is 39 Celsius, and the sea is warm to relatively hot. And temperatures begin to drop in recent months, as foreign trips can start in November.

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