video pareja teleferico ecuador

A video of an intimate encounter between an Ecuadorian couple on a cable car in the city of Guayaquil went viral. The incident occurred on June 24, when the young people took advantage of the absence of other occupants in the vehicle to indulge their passions.

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video pareja teleferico ecuador

The young people did not realize until after the meeting that they were being recorded by a security camera installed in the cable car. Subsequently, the video was shared on social networks, which sparked considerable controversy.

Consorcio Aerosuspensio Guayaquil, the operator of the Aerova transportation system, issued a statement on Wednesday, July 12 condemning acts that violate morality and good customs in its facilities, as well as the dissemination of audiovisual material, in light of the release of the compromising video.

video pareja teleferico ecuador

pareja teleferico ecuador video

In the statement, the Consortium announces that the individual responsible for the release of the video has been relieved of his duties. In addition, it is emphasized that this incident should not affect the commercial operation of the transportation mode, and it is anticipated that it will not have a negative effect on the cable car's customers.

The Ecuadorian authorities are reportedly searching for the couple involved in the incident in order to take appropriate action against them for having carnal relations in a public place. This week, one of the cases that went viral in Mexico and Latin America was that of an Ecuadorian couple captured engaging in intimate behavior on public transportation. Although it was initially believed that the event occurred in our country on a cable bus, it was later disclosed that it occurred in Ecuador on a cable car.

After the video went viral, police were present in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in relation to this couple of "lovers" captured having sex in a cable car. What occurred? Because of the significance of the event, the authorities are searching for this couple in order to sanction them.

The local media assures that the police are searching for them for committing an unlawful act when they decided to engage in sexual activity in one of the cabins of this Guayaquil cable car when they were alone, unaware that each cabin is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Although it must be made clear that the sanction may be administrative, as of 2014, the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code of Ecuador no longer regards these acts to be illegal when committed on public roads in Guayaquil. It was determined that "satisfaction of bodily needs" acts are not to be prohibited.

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