Updated Guidelines for Women on Sharjah's Beaches

In a move to promote inclusivity and privacy, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has instructed the allocation of a section of Al Hamriyah Beach exclusively for women. Additionally, the completion of two dedicated beaches for women in Kalba and Khorfakkan has been directed, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of comfort and privacy.

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Enhancing Opportunities and Preservation in Sharjah

Another notable directive from Sheikh Sultan is the preservation of the "Buried Village" in Al Madam, which will be prepared to welcome visitors and tourists. This decision highlights the Ruler's commitment to conserving Sharjah's rich historical and cultural heritage.

Sheikh Sultan Extends Housing Loan Support to Sharjah Police and Civil Defence Employees

To support the employees of the Sharjah Police General Command (SPGC) and Sharjah Civil Defence Authority (SCDA), Sheikh Sultan has included them in the grant of paying housing loan installments. This means that, similar to other beneficiaries, the government will now cover the housing loan installments on behalf of these employees, providing them with financial relief and stability.

Key Directives for Sharjah Police and Civil Defence Employees Revealed on 'Direct Line' Program

These significant directives were announced during the "Direct Line" program, which is broadcast by the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority. Dr. Engineer Khalifa Al Tunaiji, the Head of the Sharjah Housing Programme, shared this news during his appearance on the program, which is aired on Sharjah TV and Sharjah Radio.

Preserving Al Madam's Buried Village: Sheikh Sultan's Call for Collaborative Conservation Efforts

In further efforts to preserve the Buried Village in Al Madam, the Ruler of Sharjah has urged the Chairman of the Municipal Council in Al Madam and the Director of Sharjah Municipality to collaborate closely. This partnership aims to ensure swift actions are taken to safeguard this historical site, allowing it to be appreciated by both locals and tourists alike. Sheikh Sultan's commitment to cultural preservation and community well-being continues to shape Sharjah into a vibrant and inclusive emirate.

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