UAE Weather: Temperatures Surpass 50°C for the First Time in 2023

The UAE experienced a historic milestone on Saturday as temperatures soared above the scorching 50°C mark, marking the first instance of such extreme heat this year.

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Record-Breaking Heatwave Sweeps the UAE

The mercury climbed to an unprecedented 50.1°C in Bada Dafas, situated within Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra region, at precisely 2:30 PM, as accurately recorded by the National Centre of Meteorology. As summer reaches its peak, the weather bureau confirmed on Sunday that this was the first time temperatures had surpassed the threshold in 2023. The searing heat persisted into Sunday, with the NCM observing the same sweltering temperatures of 50.1°C at the aforementioned location.

Sweltering Conditions Prompt Safety Measures in the UAE

The commencement of July brought scorching temperatures and soaring humidity, creating an unforgiving environment. In response, medical professionals have repeatedly advised individuals to minimize direct exposure to sunlight, prioritize proper hydration, and remain vigilant for signs of dehydration, especially among children. Additionally, the UAE implemented a mandatory midday break for workers from July 15 to September 15. This policy restricts outdoor work activities between 12:30 PM and 3 PM, safeguarding individuals from the extreme heat and ensuring their well-being. These measures aim to mitigate the risks associated with the oppressive heatwave.

Global Heatwaves Unleash Extreme Conditions

Numerous regions across the world are grappling with the impacts of intense heatwaves. In the United States alone, over 111 million people find themselves under extreme heat warnings, facing scorching temperatures. Similarly, southern European countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece are enduring a heatwave that has pushed the mercury close to the high 40s, causing widespread sweltering conditions. These alarming events underscore the global nature of the heatwave crisis, with its adverse effects spanning across continents and affecting millions of people.

Humidity and Variable Conditions in UAE's Weather Forecast

The National Centre of Meteorology, in its five-day bulletin issued on Sunday, predicted increased humidity on Monday and Tuesday, primarily impacting coastal areas. However, the bureau also anticipated a slight decrease in temperatures during this period. Abu Dhabi is projected to reach approximately 42°C on Monday, while Dubai is expected to come close to 40°C. Furthermore, the forecast indicated the likelihood of strong winds reaching speeds of up to 40 kph, causing dust and sand clouds to form. These weather conditions are expected to persist into Tuesday, accompanied by fair to partly cloudy skies. Low clouds are also expected to emerge over the east coast in the morning. The evening on Tuesday may see another bout of humidity and the reemergence of strong winds, leading to the formation of dust clouds.

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