UAE Weather: Near 50°C Temperatures and 100% Humidity

As summer descends upon the UAE, the nation is preparing for soaring temperatures, with the mercury expected to reach nearly 50°C this week. The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a forecast indicating a rise in temperatures across the Emirates.

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UAE Braces for Sweltering Summer with Scorching Temperatures

accompanied by an increase in foggy conditions. A low visibility alert has been issued due to morning fog in certain parts of the country. According to the latest five-day bulletin from the weather bureau, Abu Dhabi and Dubai will experience temperatures in the mid to late 40s, with the capital reaching a peak of 48°C on Sunday. Al Ain is projected to hit 47°C on Wednesday, while both Abu Dhabi and Dubai will see temperatures exceeding 40°C.

Heatwave Continues: Humidity and Rising Temperatures Grip UAE

The UAE finds itself in the grip of a continuing heatwave as humidity and soaring temperatures persist. The National Centre of Meteorology warns of potentially high humidity levels, reaching 100% in Sweihan, Al Ain, on Wednesday. A humidity reading of 100% signifies complete saturation of the air, impeding the body's natural cooling process. These sticky conditions result from warmer seas, leading to increased evaporation, combined with higher temperatures on land, causing the air to absorb more moisture. Abu Dhabi may experience humidity levels of 95% on Saturday, whereas Dubai is expected to have slightly lower humidity. Thursday's temperatures will peak at 44°C in Abu Dhabi and 43°C in Dubai, accompanied by fog, mist, and light to moderate winds carrying dust.

Intense Weekend Heat: UAE Faces Extreme Temperatures

The UAE is bracing for an intense weekend of scorching temperatures. Abu Dhabi is expected to reach a blistering 47°C on Friday, while Dubai will experience a peak of 46°C. In Al Quaa, located in the western region of Abu Dhabi, the mercury is set to climb to a scorching 48°C on Saturday. However, relief is in sight for Dubai as temperatures are predicted to drop to 30°C, with Abu Dhabi seeing a decrease to 32°C on Saturday evening. These extreme temperatures are not unprecedented, as the UAE has witnessed similar scorching conditions in previous years, particularly during the summer months. Last year, temperatures in Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra region approached 50°C, with several areas across the country experiencing daytime temperatures of at least 49°C.

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