UAE Universities Promote Student Well-being with Wellness Day

Canadian University Dubai's 'The Wellness Wednesdays' initiative is just one of the many endeavors taken by universities in the UAE to create a culture of positivity on their campuses. The program aims to raise awareness about mental health, offer personal skill development opportunities, and foster connections among students from diverse fields.

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Nurturing Positivity and Wellness on UAE University Campuses

Led by the CUD Wellness Society, students engage in a range of activities, from painting and candle-making to meditation and physical exercises, providing a relaxing and collaborative environment. This student-led initiative has received positive feedback, with participants emphasizing the positive impact it has on their well-being and overall personal growth.

UAE Universities Prioritize Student Well-being with Inclusive Activities and Support Services

Furthermore, other universities in the region are also actively promoting well-being among students through a variety of inclusive activities and support services. Middlesex University Dubai's mdxMindset Talks, a monthly wellness workshop series, and the upcoming mdxMindset Podcast demonstrate their commitment to mental health awareness and open conversations. Additionally, Sudoku clubs at some universities play a vital role in stimulating students' minds while fostering a sense of community. Such initiatives, complemented by full-time counselors and 24x7 healthcare facilities, showcase the dedication of universities in providing holistic support for students' well-being and personal growth.

Varsity Clubs: Fostering Wellness and Excellence through Inclusive Activities

UAE universities are going the extra mile to promote wellness and inspire excellence among students by organizing various varsity clubs and events. These inclusive activities not only engage students in fun and stimulating challenges but also serve as a motivating factor with cash prizes at stake. The Sudoku club, for instance, is a shining example of how a dedicated space and resources can create a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who benefit not only intellectually but also physically and emotionally. Scientific studies have shown that Sudoku has positive effects on reducing anxiety and improving cognitive abilities, making it an excellent wellness-focused initiative.

UAE Universities Foster Positivity and Inclusivity through Varsity Clubs and Well-being Initiatives

Varsity clubs also play a significant role in fostering positivity and a sense of belonging on campuses. With events recognizing men's health, mental issues, and celebrations on Women's Day, universities demonstrate their commitment to students' overall well-being. Full-time counselors and 24x7 healthcare facilities further complement these efforts, providing students with essential support and pastoral care throughout their academic journey. Such comprehensive initiatives illustrate the dedication of UAE universities in nurturing both the minds and hearts of their student community.

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