UAE Minister Announces 'Climate-Friendly' School Meals Launch at Cop28

Mariam Al Mheiri, the UAE's Environment Minister, highlights the significance of "climate-friendly" school meals as a measure to protect the planet. Following her participation in crucial discussions during the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome

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UAE's Environment Minister Advocates Climate-Friendly School Meals to Safeguard the Planet

she revealed plans to revitalize school menus by embracing clean energy, supporting local produce, and reducing waste. This initiative will be launched at the upcoming Cop28 climate conference in Dubai, set to commence in November. Ms. Al Mheiri expressed her commitment to fostering climate-driven actions in local agriculture, promoting regenerative farming, and preserving biodiversity. The school meal scheme is part of broader efforts to enhance food production and consumption sustainability and address global hunger issues.

UAE's Environment Minister Advocates Climate-Friendly School Meals for a Greener Future

During the UN Food Systems Summit, Ms. Al Mheiri introduced the "food systems and agriculture agenda" for Cop28, designed to tackle the challenge through four key approaches: galvanizing national leadership, involving non-state actors, fostering innovation, and scaling up financial support. This comprehensive agenda represents the most robust push ever seen in the Cop process toward advancing food systems and agriculture. Ms. Al Mheiri also urges governments to endorse the first "leaders' declaration on food systems, agriculture, and climate action," emphasizing the collective responsibility in addressing pressing environmental issues.

Waste-Free Schools Initiative in the UAE: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Environment

In a bid to reduce food waste and bolster environmental efforts, the UAE established an environmental task force focused on dozens of schools across the country. The Waste-Free Schools campaign, launched in December, aims to educate students and staff on actionable steps to enhance environmental sustainability. Under the guidance of Ms. Al Mheiri, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment signed an agreement with key stakeholders to implement this plan in 63 selected schools. By fostering environmental awareness among the younger generation, the UAE aims to pave the way for a future that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous ,Please note that the text above is a paraphrased version of the original paragraphs provided. It covers the main points and themes while using different words to convey the same meanings.

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