UAE Blocks Over 2,800 Social Media Accounts Promoting Drugs

The UAE Ministry of Interior has taken significant steps to combat drug abuse and ensure public health and safety by blocking over 2,800 social media accounts in the past three years that were involved in promoting drugs.

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UAE Ministry of Interior's Efforts to Counter Online Drug Promotion

Collaborating with law enforcement agencies and social media companies, the ministry has been closely monitoring online platforms to identify accounts engaged in the illegal promotion of substances. Brig Saeed Al Suwaidi, director general of the federal anti-narcotics general directorate, emphasized the challenges posed by drug gangs continuously adapting their methods, particularly in online drug marketing. Nevertheless, the ministry remains steadfast in its commitment to combating this issue.

Advanced Technology and Skilled Personnel Combatting Drug Promotion

To effectively identify and block accounts promoting drugs, the UAE Ministry of Interior employs advanced technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and a highly skilled workforce. Brig Saeed Al Suwaidi emphasized that through the use of artificial intelligence, these accounts can be swiftly identified and blocked. This proactive approach ensures that the ministry remains vigilant in its efforts to maintain public safety and combat the online marketing of illegal substances.

Successful Crackdown and Public Engagement in the War on Drugs

In 2022, UAE law enforcement agencies arrested 10,315 suspects and confiscated 11,884 kilograms of drugs, reflecting the country's unwavering commitment to combatting drug abuse. Brig Saeed Al Suwaidi acknowledged the positive impact of an awareness campaign initiated by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The campaign encouraged the public to report any unknown WhatsApp messages promoting drugs, leading to the blocking of relevant numbers. Brig Taher Al Dahri, director of the Anti-Narcotic Department in Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the importance of joint responsibility between law enforcement bodies and the public in creating a society free from drug abuse.

Successful Arrests and Seizures in the Fight Against Drugs

A 10-day operation conducted by Dubai Police resulted in the arrest of a suspected WhatsApp drug dealer known as "The Bat." The operation led to the discovery of 200 kilograms of illegal substances and the confiscation of two vehicles used for drug distribution and storage. The nationality of the suspect was not disclosed. This arrest highlights the relentless efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking and disrupt criminal networks involved in the distribution of illicit substances. The proactive measures taken by Dubai Police underscore the commitment to ensuring public safety and reducing drug-related crimes in the UAE.

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