The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Fan Page

The reason for asking how to make a page on Facebook may be because of the power of Facebook in the number of users who visit it every day, perhaps for this reason more than 200 million large, medium and small companies use free Facebook services. Creating a Facebook page has become a free way to market your business. The good news is that creating a Facebook page for a business is very simple and free of charge, and you probably have all the tools you need to get started.

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What is the Facebook page?

First, let's define a Facebook page. It is a public Facebook account for corporations, organizations, artists, and public individuals. Businesses use Pages to engage with consumers, publish updates, distribute content, promote events, debuts, goods, and more.

Facebook ads and businesses may be connected to pages.

Each Facebook page has one or more administrators with various privileges.

Facebook admins have personal accounts that unlock your new business page. Your Page team members' personal profiles will fulfill their tasks and capabilities.

How to create a page on Facebook Facebook?

The question of how to establish a new page on Facebook may be answered in a number of stages, which are as follows:

  1. Launch Facebook and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the new settings page for your Facebook page.
  3. Finish creating and personalizing the page, and then write all of the information that has to be included on it.
  4. Create a link from the page to the advertising account.

We will explain each point in detail to answer how to create a page on Facebook in detail.

Log in to your Facebook account

Log into your personal Facebook account to establish and manage hundreds of business pages. or private.

Facebook page creation without an account? No way.

There are no pages without an account on Facebook since deleting your account deletes all connected pages.

On Facebook.

Go to the new Facebook page setup page

Arabicize your Facebook business profile. Left-enter English.

Page previews change.
Then click Create.

Change the website's primary and background pictures.
Facebook profiles and covers. Brand your page.

Upload your profile photo first. Searches and user interactions display this picture.

They top Facebook.

Brand recognition makes your logo secure and appealing. Fame draws fans.

Photograph local businesses' signage. Your page must stand out to potential followers and purchasers.

Your 170 × 170 circle-shaped profile photo shouldn't include crucial elements in the corners.

Select a picture and click Add Profile Picture.

Your page cover picture should represent your company. Facebook suggests a 1640 × 856 PNG, JPG, or BMP under 2MB.

After uploading photographs, toggle desktop and mobile displays.

Double-check photographs. Drag side column photographs.

You solved Facebook page creation.

Complete the creation and customization of the page and write all the information on it

You may add WhatsApp to your Page at any moment by going to Add WhatsApp in Page Settings.

After making the page, we head to Facebook's main page, look at the right side in Arabic or the left in English, and click on the page's name to modify it.

Create a username for the Facebook page

Page usernames are @username.

Since Facebook prohibits Arabic usernames, the page's main URL must be in English.
Your username.

Facebook verifies name availability. Unique names are green-checked. Create Username.
Confirmation emerges. Press Done.

As we said, setting your username, which will be the page's URL, lets people locate you on Facebook without searching, so you can simply search for it by username.

Make your username easy to remember.

Customize the page and add its information

Add business details now. Fill up all your Facebook "About" fields immediately away to prevent forgetting anything.

Since clients first hear about your activity on Facebook, complete page information is essential.
A easy call-to-action button will inspire visitors to learn more about your company, purchase at your store, download your app, or make an appointment. Start by adding your website, page cover picture, personal photographs, location, business hours, phone number, WhatsApp link, and action button.

Search results should include business hours.

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