The impact of technology on society

This term is representative not just of the influence that advancements in technology have had on culture, but also of the influence that these advances have had on society as a whole.

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Effects of technology on society

Below we list the positive and negative effects of technology on society:

The positive effects of technology on society

Below we list the most important positive effects that technology has had on societies:

  • Improving means of transportation: This was done through the invention and emergence of planes, trains, and speedboats, in addition to cars and buses, all of which enabled individuals to travel and move to their target destinations quickly and in record time compared to the means of walking and harnessing livestock to travel in ancient times. Transportation is one of the most important basic infrastructures for any society, and technology has greatly helped in the development of transportation systems.
  • Improving the means of communication: Communication systems are one of the most important elements of advanced societies. Technology has contributed to the establishment of faster, more efficient and better communication systems than the old means of communication that relied on some types of birds and on the release of signals through the rise of smoke. Modern communication systems have included e-mail. , phone calls, and various applications, in addition to international companies that serve digital communication systems between individuals.
  • Improving the teaching and learning processes: It has become easy to learn any language or any skill thanks to the technology that has provided several platforms such as Google and YouTube, and paper books have been made available in an electronic way, in addition to broadcasting many lectures and seminars. Which contributes to accelerating the teaching and learning processes, and has helped many different educational institutions in creating e-learning platforms that prevent students and teachers from leaving homes or offices to access them in order to save time and effort.
  • Achieving equal opportunities among individuals: Technology has achieved equality among individuals in societies, in addition to seeing the effects of justice in them, and has reduced social gaps between them. It has contributed to providing health and education to the largest number of individuals in societies, regardless of their origins. The abolition of discrimination between employees, and the reduction of wage systems that drowned in large gaps, in addition to exposing gender bias, the exclusion of minorities, hate speech, and others.

The negative effects of technology on society

As for the negative effects of technology on society, we list some of them as follows:

  • Increasing the population: Technology, through its techniques, has contributed to extending the lives of individuals due to the provision of abundant food, and has helped in managing resources that help in the frequency and increase of reproductive processes. Technology has affected some epidemics and rare diseases and combated them through medical and therapeutic techniques, which developed Community lifestyles, population growth and overcrowding in societies.
  • Increase in cybercrime: This is due to the excessive use of technology and the Internet, and children or innocent people may be victims of these cybercrimes by a criminal group in society.
  • Increased health and mental risks: Technology affects the physical and mental health of individuals in society, makes them lazy, and reduces their feelings of emotions and feelings. In addition, excessive use of some of them leads to sleep problems, in addition to preoccupation with it and spending less time with their families and friends.
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