The best places to eat in Andalusia

When seeking a top-notch dining experience with three Michelin stars in Andalusia, one will inevitably find themselves at Aponiente.

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The best places to eat in Andalusia

This establishment holds the exclusive distinction of being the sole restaurant in the region to receive such an honor.

Situated in the heart of Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park, Aponiente is led by Chef Angel Leon.

Diverging from the norm of seasonal influences on the menu found in most Michelin-starred establishments, Leon draws inspiration from discarded seafood delicacies like fish eyeballs and novel treasures harvested from the ocean depths, such as seagrass and sea rice.

Despite accumulating numerous culinary accolades, Leon's ventures outside of Andalusia are surprisingly infrequent.

With an intimate knowledge of the region, when queried about the finest dining options in southern Spain, he readily offers his recommendations.

Ronda: Bardal
Owned and operated by Catalan native Benito Gomez, Bardal is a two Michelin-starred restaurant located in the city of Ronda.

Gomez, born to Andalusian parents who ran a Barcelona eatery, skillfully blends the flavors of Andalusia and Catalonia to present what Leon describes as a culinary embodiment of the Ronda region. Notable dishes include grilled red snapper with chamomile-infused butter and goat cured in seaweed accompanied by seaweed juice, served alongside the animal's shoulder, brain, and kidney.

Jaen: Baga
Established in 2017 by Chef Pedro Sanchez, Baga quickly gained recognition with its Michelin-star status, following Sanchez's training at esteemed establishments like Casa Antonio, Chateau de Bagnols, and Restaurant Martin Berasategui.

Although small with only 16 seats, this innovative eatery adeptly combines minimalistic ingredients to create memorable culinary experiences. Standout items on the menu include partridge escabeche, infused with a tangy vinegar marinade and an array of herbs and spices, as well as quisquilla de Motril, featuring shrimp from the town of Motril served in a flavorful mushroom broth, and the unique combination of rusty pear and smoked eel skin.

The best places to eat in Andalusia

Fuengirola: Los Marinos Jose

Situated in the town of Fuengirola within the Costa del Sol, Los Marinos Jose is aptly described by Leon as a "temple of seafood."

For over three decades, Jose Sanchez and his family have been orchestrating an extraordinary culinary experience at this remarkable establishment. Apart from the restaurant, they own a fishing boat, ensuring that the seafood goes directly from the ocean to their kitchen, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness.

Bolonia: Restaurante Las Rejas
Nestled on Bolonia beach in Cardiz, Restaurante Las Rejas stands out as a unique "chiringuito," offering traditional cuisine in a stunning setting.

Carlos and his brothers create a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel right at home, savoring comfort food like shrimp omelets, tuna in lard paired with roasted peppers, boiled white prawns, and squid croquettes. Among their highlights is the borriquete, a fish sourced from the Atlantic Ocean.

Arcos de la Frontera: Horno Artesa
Horno Artesa, a renowned bakery in Arcos de la Frontera, serves as a gateway to the captivating "Route of the White Villages," spanning the provinces of Cadiz to Malaga.

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