the bear season 3 release date

In a year in which we have been treated to The Last of Us, Barry Season 4, Succession Season 4, and Swarm, it seems impossible to believe that the best is still to come: The second season of The Bear is the pinnacle of 2023 television thus far, producing another thrilling, exhilaratingly confident serving of high-stakes drama and gut-punching emotion.

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the bear season 3 release date

The second season follows Carmy, Sydney, and the rest of the staff at Chicago's Original Beef as they scrub, tinker, pray, and cook their way through the turmoil of reopening the restaurant as The Bear. Throughout the season, the audience is privy to their every move. Everyone pitches in, and while this can create diamonds, it can also reopen old wounds and bring to light the love, hatred, and everything in between that these individuals feel for one another.

To begin, the reception has been nothing short of resoundingly positive: Season 2 was awarded a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the early viewership numbers have been extraordinary. It would appear that FX and Hulu have once again nailed the landing, despite the fact that it has not yet been distributed in other areas such as the UK.

Second, showrunner Christopher Storer has already hinted at potential storylines for the upcoming third season. During an interview with Esquire, he discussed the Christmas episode that will be included in the new season. He stated, "It was also great having Ayo [Edebiri] on set with me that week — she's going to direct a few episodes next year so she was an important set of fresh eyes."

Thirdly, considering that the announcement for Season 2 came exactly three weeks after the premiere of the first season on Hulu, you can anticipate hearing something about Season 3 within the following two weeks. Even if a renewal of the show is announced, it may take a little longer for it to hit our screens because of the writers strike, which is the only thing that might possibly stand in the way.

the bear season 3

the bear season 3 where to watch

There are two primary explanations for this: first, it hasn't even been confirmed yet, and second, they haven't started shooting it yet because the second season has only recently been made available in the United States. Both of these explanations are valid.

The big question mark hangs over the second season’s jaw-dropping roster of guest stars: Molly Gordon as Carmy’s love interest Claire, Jamie Lee Curtis as Carmy’s mother Donna, Jon Bernthal as Mikey, Sarah Paulson as Cousin Michelle, John Mulaney as Stevie, Bob Odenkirk as Uncle Lee, Will Poulter as Luca, Olivia Colman as Chef Terry, and Gillian Jacobs as Richie’s ex-wife Tiff.

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