Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed Tours Liwa Date Festival

During a visit to the Liwa Date Festival, Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, witnessed the vibrant display of Emirati heritage.

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Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, Visits Liwa Date Festival

This renowned festival is a highlight of the country's cultural calendar and attracts thousands of farmers who showcase their date produce and compete for a share of the Dh8 million prize fund. Sheikh Khaled led a distinguished delegation to the 19th edition of the festival, where he learned about the innovative techniques adopted by farmers to enhance date palm cultivation through cutting-edge technology.

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed Explores Liwa Date Festival Under the Patronage of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed

The festival, held under the patronage of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of the Presidential Court, commenced on July 17 and is set to conclude on Sunday. The event features a bustling pop-up market and an auction, offering visitors a chance to purchase a diverse array of date products. Sheikh Khaled was deeply interested in the latest developments in date palm cultivation, and he engaged with participants from local and international companies, gaining valuable insights into the significance of dates in Emirati culture and daily life.

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed Explores Liwa Date Festival, Emphasizing UAE's Rich Heritage and Date Traditions

Accompanied by high-ranking officials, including Maj Gen Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, chairman of the Festivals Management Committee and Cultural and Heritage Programmes, and Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, chairman of the Department of Community Development, Sheikh Khaled explored the festival grounds and interacted with the exhibitors and farmers. The Liwa Date Festival celebrates the rich heritage and traditions of the UAE, reinforcing the deep connection between the nation's people and the cherished date fruit.

Liwa Date Festival: A Celebration of Emirati Heritage and Agricultural Innovation

The event's significance is magnified by the commitment of enterprising farmers who employ advanced technology to ensure the prosperity of date palm cultivation. This dedication to preserving Emirati traditions and embracing innovation has made the festival a symbol of cultural pride and a platform for showcasing the nation's agricultural achievements. As the festival reaches its conclusion, the spirit of Emirati heritage will continue to resonate, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended this extraordinary celebration of dates and cultural heritage.

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