Sakamoto Days Chapter 131 release date

Aritsuki is pursued by Akao Rion, which causes them to separate themselves from Nagumo and Sakamoto. It would appear that Aritsuki is the only person who is aware that Akao has disappeared. I believe that Akao was the one who uncovered the truth that Aritsuki's goal was to eliminate ORDER in a covert manner. It is probable that Aritsuki was ignorant that the intended target had already been rendered useless, which led to the inadvertent killing of Akao. If this was the case, then Aritsuki was responsible for Akao's death.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 131 release date

Having said that, it is probable that there are other specifics to take into consideration. Aritsuki had companions and shared experiences with Akao, including information on Akao's life expectancy. Aritsuki also knew how long Akao was expected to live. In any case, Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Akira will, in the not too distant future, learn the previously unknown truth about Rion.
3. What motivated the release of Aritsuki after an interval of eight years?

During the fight that Aritsuki and Sakamoto participated in jointly, everyone thought that Sakamoto had triumphed and that Aritsuki had been eliminated from the fight. The question that needs to be asked at this point is, "What were you doing during that time?" At this time, it seems that the primary allies are people who have previously inhabited the same environment. Nevertheless, I do not believe that I have been intentionally cultivating new connections over the course of the past eight years.

On the other hand, I do not consider myself to be as reflective as someone who would consciously plot for eight years to destroy the kill zone. To go into hiding with a clear objective in mind for the next eight years seems like the natural course of action to take. Furthermore, if Akao Rion is involved, it seems that an extremely dramatic and unexpected change in the course of events is on the horizon. In the not-too-distant future, it is extremely likely that this will be uncovered.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 131

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Arizuki, who also goes by the name Slur, is committed to putting an end to murder and fostering a culture of peace. In the most recent turn of events, it was revealed to Nagumo that an anemone fish had been the one to put an end to the leopard's life. As a result, it's possible that Nagumo, Kamigamimawari, and Daibutsu will band together to put an end to Slur's reign. However, it is extremely likely that Nagumo will experience some kind of confusion, particularly when he comes into contact with Leon, who is Arizuki's alter ego. Sakamoto was maintaining his composure as he watched the unfolding events, but it will be fascinating to see how Nagumo responds.
5. Is there any chance that Rion Akao is still alive?

There is a chance that Aritsuki was the one who killed Akao Rion, despite the fact that this is not proven. It is commonly believed that Nagumo passed away shortly after seeing Akao Rion's body. On the other hand, one idea proposes that Akao Rion may still be alive because Aritsuki and Akao Rion have personalities that are quite similar to one another.

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