rick and morty season 7 release date

When will Rick and Morty Season 7 be available on Adult Swim? The official debut date for the next season of Rick and Morty will be announced very shortly.

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rick and morty season 7 release date

After the final episode of Season 6, which aired in December 2022, the sci-fi meta comedy will return for a new season very soon. Season 7 will pick up just where it left off.

As of right now, Rick and Morty has been renewed all the way through Season 10, which means that there will be plenty more adventures to come. However, those tales will be recounted without the show's co-creator and original actor, Justin Roiland, who is scheduled to be recast for the next seventh season after being charged with felony domestic assault.
The premiere date for Rick and Morty Season 7 is going to be revealed very soon.

Next week, beginning on Monday, August 21, the official Rick and Morty Twitter account will disclose the premiere date for the seventh season of the animated comedy series.

Adult Swim revealed at their panel at the Annecy Festival that they are planning to release Rick and Morty Season 7 in September, according to a report from the French news outlet Premiere.

Therefore, the date of the official debut will be revealed to fans the following week, and, if there haven't been any setbacks, the release shouldn't be too far behind.


rick and morty season 7 spoilers

Fans are aware that the voice actor behind Rick, Morty and a large number of other characters, Justin Roiland, will be replaced for Season 7 of Rick and Morty. As a result, all of Roiland's already recorded lines for the episodes that are still to come will be redubbed before they are broadcast.

The identity of the new voice actor who will replace Roiland has not been revealed as of yet; nevertheless, the fact that Adult Swim is willing to announce a launch date strongly suggests that a replacement has been found and that Season 7's lines have already been recorded.

Although it is not anticipated that the release would be delayed from the previously reported month of September because animated shows are not impacted by the continuing strikes, the news of an approaching announcement of the debut date seems to indicate that everything is progressing according to plan nonetheless.

It is quite possible that the announcement of the return of Rick and Morty will also bring further news on the upcoming season, including the name of Roiland's elusive replacement who will take over his numerous duties. This is something that is expected to take place the following week.

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