Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon Episode 2

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon is a captivating light novel series penned by Hirukuma and brought to life with the illustrations of Itsuma Kato. Initially, it made its debut on a user-generated light novel website, but it was later picked up by Kadokawa Shoten for publishing.

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Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon Episode 2

This enthralling manga has now been adapted into an anime, slated for release this Summer, with animation by Studio Gokumi and AXSiZ. The upcoming anime has been the talk of the town, generating considerable buzz even during Sakura Con. Fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere, so let's delve into the details and what we know so far.

The anime introduces us to an unnamed protagonist whose whereabouts and life remain a mystery. All we know is that he is an otaku with an immense fondness for vending machines. He holds a particular fascination for the isekai genre. His dreams are realized, but at a great cost – he meets his demise under the weight of a vending machine.

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon Episode 2 release date

However, his story doesn't end there. He is reborn as a humble vending machine in a dungeon. His isekai aspirations are shattered, and he is no longer capable of effortlessly conquering dungeons. All he can do is observe, hear, and communicate through basic Japanese phrases commonly used by vending machines.

But he possesses one extraordinary ability—a "broken" ability, to be precise. He can dispense any item from his past life at any time. He can utilize the sales points he accumulates for his existence and use the extra coins to upgrade himself.

Moreover, he can deploy a defensive force field through his magical powers. While wandering in the wilderness, Lammis, a young huntress, stumbles upon this peculiar vending machine seemingly out of place.

Lammis possesses a gift called the "Blessing of the Might," which grants her incredible strength. However, she is still a novice at controlling this power properly.

By offering her some food items, the protagonist swiftly establishes a bond with Lammis. She affectionately names him "Boxxo," and together they embark on a journey, with the vending machine securely strapped to Lammis's back.

Writer Hirukuma shared his personal experiences and thoughts on the Reborn as a Vending Machine; I Now Wander the Dungeon manga. He was deeply affected by the loss of his father, who played a significant role in their family business. This led him to reflect on whether he had accomplished everything he desired in life.

Reborn as a Vending Machine I

where to watch Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon Episode 2

He began writing on a platform called "Let's Become Novelists," but he faced numerous rejections with his early works. However, he persevered, staying true to his unique writing style and drawing inspiration from within, rather than fixating on pleasing readers. This determination ultimately paid off, giving birth to the light novel Reborn as a Vending Machine; I Now Wander the Dungeon, with its refreshing and distinctive isekai concept.

In the second episode, our protagonist embarks on an exploration of a perilous dungeon accompanied by newfound companions. While spoilers regarding the upcoming encounters are currently scarce, fans are thrilled by the continuation of the series' exceptional premise and captivating storytelling. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure!

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