Reality Quest Chapter 100 release date

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Reality Quest Chapter 100 release date

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Dowan Ha is the target of cyberbullying in the form of gaming, and his aggressors drive him to "grind" in order to get virtual items for them. After one of these bullies forces Dowan to choose between collecting an impossible-to-find item for him or being humiliated in front of the most beautiful women at the school, Dowan chooses to play video games nonstop for a week until he passes out from exhaustion. This happens after the bully forces him to pick between the two options.

Nevertheless, as soon as he dies, he respawns once more in his classroom one week prior to the week in which he died.

Everything is exactly the same as it was before, with one major difference being that he now has all of the skills and information that he has picked up from the games he has played in real life! Is it possible that Dowan, with the assistance of his recently discovered powers and his gamified existence, will be able to triumph over his tormentors?

Reality Quest Chapter 100

when Reality Quest Chapter 100 released

The tragic gaming shuttle, Ha Do-wan, lost his life after playing video games nonstop for seven nights in a row because the school bully threatened to purchase him in-game goodies if he didn't stop playing video games. Ha Do-wan died as a result.

After he passed away, he was revived in the classroom where he had been teaching one week before he died. This took place as soon as he had passed away. Since that time, there has not been the slightest bit of a shift in any form.
The final word

The release date for Reality Quest Chapter 100 has been planned for August 26th, 2023. Since the shocking events of the previous chapter, fans of the Manhwa series have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this chapter.

The more he mulls on the following quest, Reality Quest, the more he can hardly contain his enthusiasm as the quest window finally materializes in front of him. Fans of this riveting narrative can hardly contain their excitement as the publication date for the next book in the series draws closer.

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