Quest Supremacy Chapter 99 release date

Following the collapse of East and West Gangbuk, the descendants of Middle Gangbuk quickly filled the power void that was left behind. Soon after, the two leaders of the rival gangs, Soo Hyun and Jae Hea, recruited every child in Central Gangbuk who met the requirements to become a member of their respective gangs. The efforts that Soo Hyun put into recruiting were quite fruitful, yet the decision to go with Ji Hyun came as a total surprise to everyone.

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Quest Supremacy Chapter 99 release date

They were in agreement that Ji Hyun should be recruited due to his exceptional intelligence and talent. However, the decision to select him placed the two leaders in a difficult position. Ji Hyun was invited to become a member of the East Gangbuk by Jae Hae, but he declined the invitation and instead decided to become a member of the West Gangbuk in order to honor his word. Both Soo Hyun and Jae Ha were put in the position of having to make a challenging decision regarding the future of another exceptional recruit named Kang Seok.

While they were deliberating, Soo Hyun emerged from his tent to see a new map that was quite confusing. Soo Hyun could see that there were new players entering the fray, and he became aware that in order to maintain his preeminence, he needed to take immediate and decisive action.
Where Can I Read More About the Quest for Supremacy?

Due to the fact that Quest Supremacy is an original Naver Webtoon, you may read it on the Naver website or download the app to have an even more great experience while you are reading it. It is currently available to be read in a total of six distinct languages, one of which is the native Korean language.

Yes! It is recommended that you read The Manhwa Quest Supremacy. Because of the enormous amount of interest in the manhwa, Webtoon Entertainment has decided to translate and publish it digitally in five different languages, including English, Thai, Indonesian, French, and German. Among these languages, English is the most widely spoken.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 99

when Quest Supremacy Chapter 99 released

MyAnimeList reports that it has over 5 million views and a rating of 7.24, which indicates that its popularity continues to grow with each passing day. The narrative of Quest Supremacy is quite entertaining, and the brightly colored artwork further adds to the game's overall appeal.
The plot of Quest for Supremacy

The mystical and action-packed Korean manga 'Quests,' also known as 'Quest Supremacy,' was published on October 20, 2021 and is centered on a school setting. It was written by Yununi, and Taewan was the one who did the illustrations.

The main character of Quest Supremacy is Kim Su Hyeon, who appears to be a gamer nerd but is, in fact, a chicken when it comes to facing her fears. He has a poor attitude toward school and is victimized by a diverse group of students every day. The fact that gaming is the one thing that brings him pleasure in life makes him wish that his real life was more like an RPG.

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