Nano Machine Chapter 169 release date

It is revealed to Chun Jongsum, the last surviving chief of the Poison clan, what transpired prior to Chun Yeowun's discovery at a restaurant and the kidnapping of one of his servants close to the residence of the Wise clan. Chun Jongsum is the only head of the Poison clan to have survived.

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Nano Machine Chapter 169 release date

The aide of Chun Jongsum was assaulted by the Wise family, and now he believes that this is his final opportunity to get back on his feet. If Chun Yeowun discovers that Lady Mu was also responsible for the attack on his slaves, he intends to provoke a battle between them so that they can kill each other in self-defense.

If that were to take place, either Chun Yeowun, who had wrecked his life and been responsible for the death of his grandfather Baek Oh, or Lady Mu, who had placed all of the responsibility on the Poison clan, would perish.

Chun Jongsum and Baek Seng write a letter to Chun Yeowun in which they detail what Jongsum knows regarding the passing of Lady Hwa. The realization that Chun Jongsum would finally get the opportunity to exact his revenge on him brought tears to his eyes, but it was too late for the Poison clan.

Yeowun was to engage in combat with the surviving members of the Poison clan, as was Chun Jongsum's desire. Lady Mu, on the other hand, desired Yeowun to engage in combat with the Wise family.
Date of release for the raw scan of nano machine chapter 169

Fans are in for a big treat now that we know when Nano machine Chapter 169 Raw Scan will be released, since we now have a better idea of what to expect from this chapter.

The raw scan of Chapter 169 has been eagerly anticipated by the fans, and it is scheduled to be made available on August 29th, 2023. This chapter is going to be entertaining, with many unexpected turns and twists that will have you wondering what the next step will be.

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Nano Machine Chapter 169

when Nano Machine Chapter 169 released

There is no one who knows what will take place, but the gods and mankind engage in a ferocious battle, which results in a novel that is really interesting. It is important that people are aware of the book Nano machine. It should not come as a surprise that it is read all around the world given that the journey is fresh and fascinating for readers.

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