Nano Machine Chapter 167 release date

When Lady Mu, the head of the Wise family, saw Chun Muyun's head severed, she was taken aback, and she immediately felt the sting of having lost someone vital in her life. Even though he had overpowered Chun Yeowun's guard and taken Chun Yeowun's two maids as hostages, he had no motive to launch an assault on Chun Yeowun.

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Nano Machine Chapter 167 release date

Yeowun set a trap for Chun Yeowun and hoped that the other clans wouldn't protest about it because it would also result in Chun Yeowun's death. However, the other clans did complain. Yeowun went up to Lady Mu at a time when she was in a condition of disarray and suffering as a direct result of the passing of her son.
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Fans are in for a big treat now that we know when Nano Machine Chapter 167 Raw Scan will be released, which is really exciting news.

A scan of Chapter 167, which has not been altered in any way, is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2023, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. This chapter is going to be entertaining, and it's going to be full of unexpected turns and twists that are going to make you wonder what's going to happen next.
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Nano Machine Chapter 167

Nano Machine Chapter 167 news

Concern for Huan Yi, whose poor health makes it possible that she could pass away at any moment, consumes Chun Yeowun. The Wise clan, led by Guard Jang, falls victim to a snare that Huan Yi has laid for them. The conversation is then brought back around to Huan Yi. Guard Jang is in bad shape and exudes an atmosphere that is both frightening and hostile.

The honor of the Wise clan is on the line, and Lady Mu has informed them that they have no chance of winning a fight against three supreme-level fighters since those individuals are far too cunning and strategic. Lady Mu screams at Lee Hameng and Huan Yi, warning them not to harm the first wife of the Lord or the sister of the first elder or else they would put those people in danger.

The threat made by Lady Mu causes Huan Yi to laugh. Lee Hameng is questioned by Chun Yeowun, who demands to know where the members of the Wise clan are bringing them, while Lady Mu rants at both her son Chun Muyun and her brother Mu Jinyun.

The three of them, Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku, and Hu Bong, are brought through in order to protect the hostages from harm. As Chun Muyun suffers severe injuries, Hu Bong sends Jinyun to offer assistance. When Lady Mu thinks about what happened to her son, she clenches her teeth and clenches her fists in anger.

Lady Mu, the head of the Wise clan, was upset by the way in which her son was injured and implored Chun Yeowun to accept the fact that they had been defeated. She asked Muyun's forgiveness in a thought-out note that she addressed to him.

Left Guardian Muyun was astounded by what Lady Mu had done, and after some consideration, she decided that it would be kind to let her go. Yeowun, a member of the Left Guardians, communicated with Wanghur and Hu Bong, who were responsible for Muyun and Jinyun's release.

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