Methods for determining the sex of the fetus

There is no definitive way to detect and determine the sex of the fetus yet, and it cannot be determined 100% through more advanced and technical methods. Despite this matter, there are several ways to determine the sex, which we will refer to in the following:

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1. PGD method or preimplantation sex determination

When there is a possibility that the developing baby has chromosomal abnormalities, this technique is used. After that, the female eggs are grown in an artificial manner in the laboratory through the use of prescribed drugs; after that, the vaccination process is carried out with sperm in the laboratory environment; after that, the stage 8 or 16 embryos are examined, and one or two healthy embryos that have the required sex are transferred to the womb; finally, the process is complete.

2. Intercourse at a specific time

If sexual activity took place around the time of ovulation, there was a greater likelihood that the baby would be a boy.

On the other hand, if sexual activity took place two or three days following ovulation, there was a greater possibility that the fetus would develop into a girl. It is possible to identify when you are ovulating via the use of ultrasounds or through the use of home ovulation (LH) testing.

3. Changing the vaginal pH

By bathing the vagina with alkaline substances like baking soda, you may enhance the percentage of Y-containing sperm that are able to survive. As a consequence of this, the likelihood that the developing embryo will be a male is increased.

On the other hand, X-carrying sperm have a better chance of surviving and flourishing when acidic substances like vinegar are introduced into the vaginal medium. As a consequence of this, the odds of the developing baby being a girl are significantly increased.

One of these acidic compounds is vinegar, which is an illustration of what I mean. Vinegar is an example of a material that meets the requirements to be classified as an acidic chemical.

4. Diet

There is a correlation between a woman's diet during pregnancy and the gender of the baby that develops.

Diets rich in calcium and magnesium ions are associated with female pregnancies.

Consuming meals that are high in potassium and sodium ions is also associated with an increased probability that the fetus will be a boy.

It goes without saying that women must go through tests before becoming pregnant, and they should start taking folic acid once every two days around three months before becoming pregnant.

In order for them to prevent any possible hazards, it is strongly suggested that they talk to a medical professional before beginning this diet.

This diet ought to be followed religiously for around four to six weeks before trying to conceive, but it ought to be avoided when pregnant.

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