Lookism Chapter 462 Spoilers

Chapter 462 of the Lookism Comic! Many popular manhwas are beloved by readers for a variety of reasons, including the narrative, the character designs, and the artwork. People are currently appreciating this particular genre of manhwa, and an outstanding example of it is "Lookism." On November 20, 2014, the manga was first made available to readers in the form of a serial.

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Lookism Chapter 462 Spoilers

In this article, we will examine the possible plot and spoilers of Lookism Chapter 462. Additionally, we will provide a reading guide for the original manhwa, the anime adaptation, and anything else that we are aware of! Since the conclusion of the prior Chapter, followers of Lookism 462 have been waiting eagerly for new material to be released.

Lookism, which is also referred to as Oemojisangjuu in the native tongue, takes on the potentially sensitive topic of one's outward look and converts it into a fantastical thriller that is full of both action and humor.

The main character of the story, Park Hyung Suk, used to be a person who was considered "ugly" by society due to his small stature, excessive body fat, and overall weight. As a direct consequence of this, he was always considered an outsider and was treated even more poorly than animals.

When things start to get difficult for Hyung Suk as a result of ongoing bullying at his previous school owing to his appearance, he makes the decision to transfer to a different school. This decision was made in response to the bullying that took place.

In an effort to get away from the bully who harassed him the most, Lee Tae Sung, Hyung Suk makes the decision to relocate to Seoul and enroll in a school in the city. Hyung Suk is unaware that there will be a change in the trajectory of his life.

When Hyung Suk wakes up on his first day there, he discovers that he has transformed his body from the one that was short and stocky to the one that was tall and lovely, but he is unaware of how or why this occurred. Hyung Suk's previous appearance was short and stocky, but his new appearance is tall and gorgeous.

Next to him, his previous existence is fast asleep at the present moment. The discovery that Hyung Suk Sook moves his body as he sleeps catches him off guard, and he is taken aback by the situation. Both of the bodies will be in different states: one will be awake, while the other will be asleep.

Since Hyung Suk has only recently begun his life at a new school with his tall and elegant body, he defends his friends from the bully while simultaneously keeping his new secret to himself. As time goes on, Hyung Suk makes friends in Seoul on both of his bodies, and he also learns that other people are affected by the same mystery as he is.
Date of Publication for Lookism Chapter 462

Since a new chapter of Lookism is only published once a week in the manhwa format, the reader's wait is almost at an end. On August 17, 2023, at 11 p.m. Korean Standard Time (KST), readers in Korea will be able to access Lookism Chapter 462.

Fans in India will be able to read the new Korean episode of Lookism at 7.30 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST), which will be the same date as the original broadcast but at a different time.

Lookism Chapter 462

Lookism Chapter 462 Spoiler

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