Learnania africa scam story

Scamadviser operates using an automated algorithm to ascertain whether a website is a legitimate scam. Our evaluation of learnania.com has relied upon an examination of 40 publicly available online sources. We consider various indicators, such as whether the website appears on phishing and spam registries, whether it hosts malware, the geographical location of the associated company, reviews from other websites, and numerous other pieces of information.

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Learnania africa scam story

Upon initial inspection, the website appears to be secure for usage. Nevertheless, since the analysis is conducted automatically, we strongly advise conducting your own verification to ensure the website's safety.

Positive Indicators
Users have expressed positive sentiments regarding this website.
A valid SSL certificate has been detected.
DNSFilter has classified this site as safe.
Flashstart has conducted checks for malware and phishing.

Negative Indicators
The Tranco rank, indicating website traffic, is relatively low.
The registrar responsible for this website is popular among scammers.
The website is relatively new.

Understanding the Learnarnia Scam Operation
The learnania company frequently advertises job vacancies online, inviting prospective job seekers to apply for customer service positions. Once an applicant applies, they receive an email containing an online test/exam from Learnania.

The online test typically has a time limit of approximately 30 minutes and consists of basic customer satisfaction questions that can be answered by anyone.

Upon completion of the test, the job seeker receives a success email containing a link to an onboarding page. You can see an example of the success email in the image below.

When a user clicks on the onboarding link, they are prompted to upload a police clearance certificate. Subsequently, the website directs the job seeker to another site, where they are asked to pay 25,000 naira in order to obtain the Police clearance certificate.

Essentially, the website deceives individuals into parting with 25,000 naira under the false pretense of acquiring a police clearance certificate, which can typically be obtained at a higher cost from Nigerian police stations (around 60,000 naira). As a result, the job seeker loses their money to this fraudulent scheme.

Additional Reasons to Suspect Learnania's Illegitimacy
Nearly every applicant for the customer service position has received an acceptance email, which raises suspicions considering the actual number of customer service representatives an edtech startup would require.

Learnania instructs prospective job seekers to obtain a Police clearance certificate from a website called Catios Ventures (Catios.com).

Catios Ventures was recently registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on June 2, 2023, just about a month ago. This raises questions about how a relatively new and unfamiliar company in Nigeria has gained widespread recognition as the top recommendation for a pan-African edtech startup.

Catios Ventures requests upfront payment without requiring personal information or necessary documents. They claim to offer police clearance certificates at significantly lower prices and provide free delivery.

Catios Ventures claims to be located at 38, Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse, Abuja. However, a check on Google Maps reveals that no such company exists at that address.

The Learnania Scam Unveiled in Africa
Approximately two weeks ago, multiple posts began circulating alleging that an African edtech startup called Learnania was hiring.

After conducting a thorough investigation, I have compiled ten reasons why it is highly probable that Learnania is involved in a fraudulent scheme.

1. Virtually every applicant who applied was offered the job.
After engaging with numerous individuals on LinkedIn and Nairaland, it became evident that, with few exceptions, everyone received a message confirming their acceptance for the position they had applied for.

I have encountered nearly thirty people who received an email stating they had been selected for the content creator position, and this is solely within Nigeria. This

raises the question of how many content creators an edtech startup would realistically require.

Learnania africa scam story

Prior Reports of Scams

During extensive research, I discovered an article dating back to June 2023, predating Learnania's employment emails.

The article outlines the step-by-step process through which Learnania scams individuals and reveals that they have been engaged in such practices for a considerable period.

To my surprise, the exact steps described in the article, from the initial message to the onboarding page, resurfaced on July 3 when Learnania allegedly sent out employment emails to people.

Here is a link to the article that detailed their scam process even before they recently distributed the employment emails.

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