Learn how to copy and paste on Whats App

In the past with old cell phones, this method was not possible, but with the arrival of Smartphone, tool included. Which allows you to copy and paste text into chat and even in recent times The last you can do the same thing with the image of the squid that has also been added is to forward information from one platform to another. This is the case from Gmail to WhatsApp. Where the message can be very long

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How do you copy a message on WhatsApp?

The method is straightforward to carry out, and it is applicable not just to WhatsApp but also to other applications first

You need to open the conversation where the message is located as one of the things you need to perform.

After that, you should go ahead and click on it. This will cause the word to be highlighted, and a little menu will emerge.

From this menu, you will be able to pick a particular portion of the text by rearranging the panels that appear at the end of each section of text.

You have the option to pick the full message by selecting the pick All button in the selection menu.

Which will assist you in reducing wasted time. After that, you will tap the copy button, and the phone will confirm that the operation was carried out effectively. You will see a portion of the message that you just copied displayed at the top of the keyboard.

However, this operation is not possible to carry out with regard to a photograph. There is just the option to resend available.


Copy the message to the clipboard

You are able to modify a variety of different texts with the help of this compact file, which is integrated into the keyboard.

After you have copied the message, you will be able to access the clipboard by clicking on the symbol that looks like a piece of paper.

Here, you will find the option to pin the text. In this manner, it will not be lost even after a significant amount of time has gone. To ensure that the data is preserved, you need to keep tapping it and choose "Repair" from the new menu that appears.

WhatsApp constantly keeps information, and we have the ability to see it thanks to an example that demonstrates this feature.

Check out your sent messages in a flash.

Therefore, the texts that you have previously copied are not an exception to this rule.

This compact file's ability to save up to six messages means that we may avoid switching between different platforms and engaging in several chats. This is one of the file's many advantageous features.

In addition, make an effort to record and explain the facts.

How to edit the text of a message that has already been sent or received?

Input is a functionality not possible for any platform. At least it cannot be done without the help of a third-party tool that allows modifying this information however. It should be noted that there are plenty of apps in the market that can help you in this task.

But since they are not whatsapp supported operating systems, this can potentially lead to suspension or deletion of your account

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