Learn about the most important dangers of coffee

The coffee drink is one of the most important daily rituals that many people are keen on every day, and some people cannot start the day without drinking a cup of coffee, but research and studies have proven that there are risks and harms of this daily habit.

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Negatives and harms of coffee

Although coffee is a safe and non-toxic drink that has a distinctive flavor that many people like, its excessive consumption produces some harmful and negative effects, among which are:

  • It creates a state of habituation in the person and causes symptoms of stress and nervousness, which are similar to the symptoms of drug addiction, especially if coffee is consumed frequently.
  • Coffee causes colon irritation and stomach cramps, leading to an increase in irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.
  • It causes stomach irritation and ulcers because it contains caffeine and some ingredients that irritate the stomach lining.
  • It increases the risk of fetal malformations, miscarriage and premature delivery, and exposes newborns to low birth weight, if consumed in excess during pregnancy.
  • It causes many problems for the infant, the most important being sleep disturbances, frequent crying, irritability and nervousness, since coffee leaks into the infant through breast milk.
  • It causes heartburn and GERD, which is one of the biggest side effects of drinking a lot of coffee.
  • It negatively affects the nervous system of children and causes anemia, sleep disturbances and indigestion.
  • Coffee causes stress, tension and nervousness.
  • It causes damage to the heart, as it causes high blood pressure and a fast heartbeat.

The harms and negative effects of coffee are many, including its interaction with some medications and nutritional supplements, especially heart and blood pressure medications, epilepsy medications, antibiotics, thyroid medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.

More disadvantages of coffee

Although there are many benefits of coffee related to improving the psychological state and increasing the sensation of alertness, its frequent consumption causes many damages, such as:

  • Diarrhea, since drinking more coffee leads to digestive disorders, rapid bowel emptying and bouts of diarrhea, which causes malabsorption of important nutrients, and the person is exposed to malnutrition and being underweight.
  • Vitamin and mineral absorption Coffee affects the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, exposing the body to many health problems, especially iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.
  • Stomach bleeding: Excessive coffee consumption can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers.
  • By increasing cholesterol, coffee increases the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which puts the heart at risk and increases the incidence of heart attacks.
  • Weak Bones Drinking coffee in large amounts leads to osteoporosis because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the excretion of calcium in the urine and prevents the body from absorbing vitamin D, leading to weakness and osteoporosis.
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