kundali bhagya 9 july 2023 written update

Rajveer emerges from the room clutching the diary, but realizing he forgot his own diary, he swiftly retreats back inside.

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kundali bhagya 9 july 2023 written update

Palki hands Gurpreet the file, who then passes it to Preeta, stating that she needed it as evidence. Preeta places the file on top of the one Rajveer had set down before handing her the bag. Just as Rajveer bids his farewell, he informs Preeta that he needs to return to the Luthra Mansion. Sunil mistakenly gave him something that now needs to be returned. Gurpreet divulges her secret crush on Karan Luthra from his cricket days, to which Preeta responds by acknowledging his exceptional character.

Shaurya descends the stairs alongside Nidhi and notices the lively atmosphere as everyone engages with the guests. Nidhi points out that although they are present, it seems Shaurya wasn't invited. She sympathizes with their situation, as they have contributed significantly to the family yet remain overlooked. Shaurya pledges his allegiance to his mother and affirms that he will stand by her side, urging Nidhi to forget about the others' indifference. Nidhi protests, recognizing the injustice of their apathy towards them.

Karan beckons Kavya over and engages in a conversation with Varun. Shaurya interjects, declaring that it's time to make some noise now that the in-laws of Kavya have arrived. He purposely causes a lamp to shatter, shocking the entire family and the guests. Karan questions Shaurya's behavior, to which he insists he isn't intoxicated and it was merely an accident that he will rectify. Varun and his family appear dumbfounded, but Rakhi assures them that Shaurya is blameless since she inadvertently left the lamp there.

kundali bhagya

kundali bhagya 9 july summary

She expresses her delight at his presence, as they had all missed him greatly. Shaurya questions why no one came to fetch him, while Kavya inquires why he wasn't called. Garesh apologizes for his forgetfulness in neglecting to summon Shaurya. Nidhi contemplates how Shaurya might change his mind upon learning the truth and questions why Rakhi or even Kritika didn't call him. Karan invites Shaurya to join him on the side for a conversation.

In a private discussion, Karan reprimands Shaurya for his behavior, particularly in front of Kavya's in-laws. Shaurya agrees and proceeds to explain that his sister KD is about to get married. He calls upon Varun to stand by his side, emphasizing that Varun is about to become a family member, so there should be no secrets. He advises Varun to take care of his sister, hinting at his boxing skills. Both Shaurya and Varun share smiles, relieving the entire Luthra family. As Shaurya spots Rajveer entering the Luthra Mansion, his anger flares up.

Preeta switches off the lights in the house and retrieves the file, only to be astonished to find Rajveer's file instead. Realizing that she placed the rent file on top of his by mistake, she attempts to call him, but he doesn't answer. Preeta contemplates going to the Luthra Mansion herself.

Karan confronts Rajveer, questioning his presence. Rajveer claims that Sunil instructed him to bring the file there. Mahesh recalls Karan's earlier mention of seeing Preeta with Rajveer in the house. Curious, Mahesh requests a private conversation with Rajveer, and Karan insists on joining as he has something to discuss as well.

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