kundali bhagya 10 july 2023 written update

Nidhi beckons Rajveer, intending to discuss something important. She instructs him to fetch a tray and coerces him into serving juice to the guests.

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kundali bhagya 10 july 2023 written update

Nidhi introduces Rajveer as Shaurya's employee and instructs him to serve his grandmother and clean up the spilled tray. Rajveer objects, asserting that he is not Shaurya's servant and suggests that Shaurya clean up after himself. In response, Shaurya states that Rajveer is indeed his servant, though he might be unaware of it.

Karan leads Mahesh into a room, questioning his emotional state. Karan informs Mahesh that Rajveer possesses great intelligence and business acumen. If Rajveer were to sense any suspicion from them, he might leave his job. Mahesh agrees and wonders why they are both in the room. Karan reminds Kavya that Garesh is responsible for such matters. Kavya explains that she wanted a personal touch in this event, teasing Mahesh before leaving.

Upon spotting Rajveer, Kavya exclaims in surprise and addresses him as her brother. She recalls how Rajveer protected her from criminals outside the temple, and Rajveer remembers the incident as well. Karan questions when they met, to which Kavya explains that he shielded her earlier that day. Everyone is taken aback by this revelation, and Kavya clarifies that she called Rajveer "brother" because of his protective act. Karan proceeds to bless her.

Shaurya questions why she didn't disclose the truth, and Rakhi reveals that she was also present at the temple. Rajveer reveals that he works in Mr. Karan's office, to which Kavya adds that Mr. Karan is her father. The family celebrates with Kavya, while Rajveer gazes at her emotionally. Nidhi pulls Kavya aside for a private conversation, and Karan expresses his gratitude to Rajveer, accompanied by Kritika. Rajveer, however, remains holding the tray and reflects on the fact that Kavya is his sister, an unknown truth that brings both joy and sorrow.

kundali bhagya

kundali bhagya 10 july summary

Approaching Rajveer, Rakhi inquires about his thoughts. She shares that while this family may not have any blood ties to him, her heart feels a strong connection. Rakhi recalls how Rajveer saved her life at the temple and now Kavya's life as well. She invites Rajveer to accompany her and meet Kavya's father-in-law. Rakhi introduces Rajveer to them, emphasizing that he is a part of their family, even if not by blood. She expresses how he has won their hearts. Rajveer greets them warmly and vows to fulfill his duties as a good brother, as Kavya has called him. He enlists Garesh's help and proclaims that he will handle the food service. Nidhi whispers to Shaurya about her scheme to make Rajveer a waiter, and Shaurya grins, acknowledging her brilliance.

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