Keeping Your Home Safe from Summer Heat During Vacation

As summer travel plans commence, UAE residents are being urged to prioritize the safety of their homes to avoid unpleasant surprises upon their return. Experts recommend a few essential safety measures to ensure peace of mind.

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Protecting Your Home: Essential Safety Measures for UAE Residents Traveling Abroad

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) advises residents to switch off lights, unplug electrical devices, and turn off the water supply. They also recommend using a timer for garden floodlights and having a specialized technician check for any water leaks. DEWA's app offers an "Away Mode" feature to monitor usage rates remotely. Taking these precautions will help prevent accidents and minimize energy consumption.

Maintaining Adequate Climate Control

To prevent excessive humidity or condensation, it is advisable to set the air conditioning on a timer or an automatic setting of around 27ºC for a few hours each day while away. This keeps the interior of the home cool and prevents plant damage. Drawing curtains and blinds in rooms receiving direct sunlight helps maintain lower temperatures and prevents mold growth.

Unplug and Secure Electrical Appliances

To ensure safety and reduce electricity consumption, it is recommended to unplug most electrical appliances before leaving, except for essential ones like the refrigerator and freezer. Timers on devices, such as alarm clocks, should also be turned off. Consider asking a trusted friend to visit the property regularly and provide them with overseas contact details in case of emergencies.

Preventing Flooding Risks

Depending on the type of property, different measures can be taken to prevent flooding. For apartments without gardens, it is best to turn off the main water supply to prevent leaks or damage. For villas or properties without water supply isolation, ensure all water taps are switched off before leaving and address any leaks beforehand to avoid excessive utility bills.

Maintaining a Healthy Garden

To prevent your garden from drying out, schedule irrigation to occur during the night to minimize evaporation. Arrange for your gardening service to continue while you are away, as cutting off the water supply would cause the irrigation system to fail within a day.

Ensuring Home Security

While the UAE is generally safe, it is important not to neglect home security. Lock all windows and doors securely before leaving. For villas with sliding doors, placing a piece of wood in the track can prevent forced entry. Although crime rates are low, it is essential to eliminate any temptation and maintain vigilance.

Safeguarding Your Home During Summer Travels: Vital Steps for UAE Residents

As UAE residents embark on their summer journeys abroad, ensuring the safety of their homes becomes paramount. Experts emphasize the importance of implementing essential measures to prevent any unpleasant surprises upon their return. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) advises residents to adopt safety practices such as switching off lights, unplugging electrical devices, and shutting off the water supply. Additionally, utilizing timers for garden floodlights, checking water connections for leaks, and activating DEWA's "Away Mode" via the mobile app offer further peace of mind. These precautions not only mitigate risks but also promote energy conservation.

Maintaining Optimal Climate Control

To prevent unfavorable conditions, experts recommend setting air conditioning timers or automatic settings at around 27ºC for a few hours daily during the absence. This helps cool the interior, avoiding excessive humidity and safeguarding plants. Drawing curtains and blinds in sunlit rooms contributes to temperature regulation and prevents the formation of mold due to increased humidity.

Unplugging and Securing Electrical Appliances

Unplugging non-essential electrical appliances before departure not only ensures safety but also reduces unnecessary energy consumption. While disconnecting devices, it is advisable to leave essential appliances like refrigerators and freezers connected. Disabling timers on devices, particularly alarm clocks, prevents disturbances for neighbors. Assigning a trusted friend or family member to periodically visit the property and providing them with emergency contact details is also advisable.

Mitigating Flood Risks

Residents should take specific precautions to mitigate flooding risks based on the type of property they reside in. Apartment dwellers without gardens are advised to turn off the main water supply to prevent leaks and potential damage. For villa owners or those without water supply isolation, it is crucial to close all water taps and address any leaks before departing to avoid excessive utility bills or property damage.

Caring for the Garden

Sustaining a healthy garden during absence involves strategic irrigation scheduling. Setting irrigation timers to activate during the night reduces water loss through evaporation. Arranging for regular gardening services while away ensures the uninterrupted care of plants. Discontinuing the water supply to the irrigation system risks detrimental consequences, resulting in a parched garden within a day.

Prioritizing Home Security

While the UAE boasts a generally safe environment, it remains essential to uphold home security measures. Residents should ensure all windows and doors are securely locked. For villas equipped with sliding doors, inserting a piece of wood in the track prevents forced entry. Although crime rates are low, eliminating potential temptations and maintaining vigilance are prudent practices to safeguard one's property.

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