Jinx Chapter 30 release date

Donghae is curious about Jin Ri's behavior and asks her why she has been contacting him from the call box ever since he moved into the house. Because Jin Ri spends a lot of time alone, she would like it if her older brother, Donghae, could move in with her. Heechul is anxious since Jin Ri has pampered him, so he attempts to reassure him by saying that he is not afraid of a madman.

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Jinx Chapter 30 release date

Due to the fact that she needs to clean her new flat, Jin Ri is worn out and has a comprehensive strategy. She approaches her older brother, Taemin, and inquires as to whether or not he would be interested in assisting her in cleaning up her new apartment. He is relieved that everything is over with, and that Changjo Sunbae was able to assist her earlier.

After preparing some coffee, Jin Ri joins up with her friends Qian and Enyoung, who are thrilled about her new home. They are shocked to see Jin Ri, her sister, as well as how tidy and spacious Jin Ri's room is. They are also surprised to meet Jin Ri. Jin Ri is concerned about how gloomy the atmosphere in the room has become ever since Taemin and Kai had their fight.

Jin Ri gives her assent, and the two of them proceed to sit in the midst of the city. They discuss the possibility that an unstable individual will enter Jin Ri's flat as well as her decision to live by herself.

Jinx Chapter 30 release date

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Because of the recent end of her relationship with Soojung, Taemin is currently sitting in her room feeling miserable. Because Jin Ri is concerned about how her sister is doing, she wants to find a place where she may tell her sister and her friends something important.

He removes his phone from his pocket and is overcome with melancholy as he sees who recently texted him. Regarding how she currently feels about Qian, Jin Ri is frustrated and at a loss for what to do next. Enyoung is under the impression that Jin Ri is responsible for the disappearance of both Soojung's boyfriend Taemin oppa and Luna eonni's boyfriend Kai.

Jin Ri believes that she should have known that Luna eonni preferred Kai oppa and didn't want Taemin there because she liked Kai oppa. She thinks that she should have known this because Kai oppa was there. Qian has discussed the issue with Jin Ri's friends, including Key, and is aware of how Jin Ri is now feeling about it. Jin Ri is concerned that her friends may not feel the same level of closeness to her now that she is dating Taemin. Qian inquires of Jin Ri concerning whether or not she requires them in her life.

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