Jinx Chapter 30 Reddit Spoiler

Chapter 30 of the Jinx! Lezhin Comics is a well-known webtoon platform based in South Korea that provides its users with a diverse selection of manga and comics. The website's audience consists of people from all over the world.

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Jinx Chapter 30 Reddit Spoiler

It caters to English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese compendiums equally, as it has a large collection of titles covering several nations, including Korea. These nations' titles may be found on its website. The Jinx manga series by Mingwa stands out as a must-read for those who are addicted to manga due to the delightful stories it contains.

"Jinx" captivates readers with its engaging narrative and witching artwork by combining genres such as Webtoons, Yaoi, Mature, Smut, Drama, Romance, and Slice of Life. These genres are all comparable to each other. If you are a fan of manga, you should know that Lezhin Comics is publishing a series called Jinx that you will not want to miss.

On July 29, 2023, the thirty-first chapter of the popular manhwa series Jinx will be published, giving readers something to look forward to. Jinx, which was penned and illustrated by the author Mingwa, has become popular among manhwa fans due to the novel combination of fantasy and drama that it has.

Jinx will undoubtedly continue to hold the attention of readers right up until the very end of the book thanks to the captivating tale and well-developed characters it contains.

Jinx Chapter 30

what happen in Jinx Chapter 30

After moving into his new apartment, Jin Ri settles into a spacious room. A couple of cardboard cartons are left behind by him. Donghae, a fresh face, walks into Jin Ri's room and immediately begins tampering with his makeup. Donghae's acts have left Jin Ri speechless, and she requests his assistance in cleaning up his belongings.

Fights break out among several of the members of Super Junior, including Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, regarding the rules and how Jin Ri is behaving. Everyone is on board to assist Jin Ri in cleaning up her room, and Jin Ri herself makes the decision.

As Jin Ri watches the members of Super Junior organize her belongings, she realizes how fortunate she is to have them in her life. Heechul, a member of the group Super Junior, has asked Jin Ri to remain with them for the rest of their lives, and Jin Ri has agreed to his request.

Heechul responds to Jin Ri's complaints by slamming the clothes he is folding and telling her to stop acting like a child and get back to work. After sharing a home with Heechul for more than a year, Jin Ri is the only member of Super Junior who recognizes him. The other members of the group find Heechul amusing.

They throw a modest party as a way of saying farewell to Jin Ri and spend the evening at a restaurant where they consume over 40 platters of meat and bottles of soju till midnight. Jin Ri is stumbling around his room while under the influence of alcohol, staring at the ceiling from his bed.

She recalls what Donghae had said and grins as she comes to the conclusion that she would be sad to leave her room if she moved at a later time. Jin Ri goes and knocks on the door of the room next to his in order to inquire about the possibility of sleeping there. After Jin Ri responds in the affirmative, Donghae serves her a cup of hot chocolate.

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