Islamic New Year Holiday 2023 Announced for UAE Public Sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has officially announced that the Islamic New Year, which symbolizes the advent of the Islamic year 1445, will be observed on Friday, July 21.

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Significance of Islamic New Year and Exciting Upcoming Holidays

This special occasion holds great significance for Muslims worldwide and will grant a well-deserved day off for public sector workers. It is important to note that in the United Arab Emirates, both the public and private sectors often align their holidays.

Hijri (Islamic) New Year: Commemorating Prophet Mohammed's Migration and Reflections on Islamic History

Hijri, also known as the Islamic New Year, marks a historic event—the migration of Prophet Mohammed from Makkah to Madinah. This event serves as a significant milestone in Islamic history and is a time of reflection and gratitude for Muslims around the world. As the Islamic calendar follows a lunar system, it does not correspond with the widely used Gregorian calendar.

Observing the Islamic New Year: A Time of Solemnity and Reflection in the UAE

Unlike some other festive occasions, the Islamic New Year is not marked by elaborate public festivities or events. Muslims observe this occasion with solemnity and reflection, focusing on personal introspection, prayer, and remembrance of Prophet Mohammed's journey. It is a time for individuals to pause, contemplate the passing year, and set intentions for the year ahead , Looking ahead, there are exciting public holidays on the horizon for residents of the Emirates. Following the Islamic New Year, the next notable holiday is Prophet Mohammed's birthday, which will be observed on Friday, September 29. This celebration provides an opportunity for individuals to rejoice in the birth of the beloved Prophet and enjoy an extended weekend with their families and friends.

National Day: Celebrating UAE's Heritage, Unity, and Achievements

As the year progresses, another significant holiday awaits—National Day. Falling on Saturday, December 2, and Sunday, December 3, it offers the potential for an extended weekend break. National Day is a time when the UAE celebrates its rich heritage, achievements, and progress. It is a momentous occasion to partake in various festivities, including parades, cultural events, and firework displays, while also cherishing the unity and national pride of the Emirates , In conclusion, the Islamic New Year holds deep meaning for Muslims, and its observance grants a day off for public sector workers. The upcoming holidays, including Prophet Mohammed's birthday and National Day, provide exciting opportunities for individuals to come together, reflect, celebrate, and enjoy well-deserved breaks amidst the vibrant spirit of the UAE.

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