Islamia university bahawalpur leaked

Police have arrested a faculty member of Bahawalpur Muslim University as part of a crackdown on possession of obscene recordings and images of students. the video was leaked by Islamia University in Bahawalpur.

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Islamia university bahawalpur leaked

When the police in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, were following a car that had tried to get away from them at a checkpoint, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Inside the vehicle, there was a girl and a male who appeared to be intoxicated (sometimes known as "drunk"). After a brief chase, the police catch up with them and search their vehicle. During the search, they find that the man is in possession of crystal meth as well as aphrodisiacs, but not alcohol or marijuana.

Further inquiry revealed that the accused was working as a chief security officer at a famous Islamic institution in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, and that the female sitting with him was a university student who had been forcibly held by the accused in his car in order for him to transport her home. The investigation also revealed that the accused had been driving the girl home after forcibly detaining her. for sexually abusive behavior.After after, the authorities investigated this man's phones and discovered lewd images and videos of almost 5,500 female students and teachers from the same university. He was arrested.

The individual known as Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah is taken into custody by the police, and once the interrogation has begun, it is discovered that he is a member of a "gang" of academics at the institution who are responsible for operating a drug and sexual trafficking cartel there.


Professors, including the head of the department, the security officer, and several administrative authorities. And as many as 11 students were members of this gang, which was not only responsible for the distribution of hard drugs on campus. However, she also blackmails female students and teachers for indecent images and films they have taken.

Islamia university bahawalpur

Islamia university bahawalpur photo

Ijaz Shah, a security advisor, was stopped by police during a search and officers discovered that he was in possession of drugs. This led to the beginning of the arrests. Following a police raid, Abu Bakr, who was the financial manager, and Muhammad Altaf, who was the transportation officer, were both taken into custody.

The police found out that the suspects were responsible for organizing "dance" events on campus where they served students alcohol laced with drugs. Especially females for the purpose of making sexually explicit recordings that they would then use to blackmail the victims into submission for s*xual torture.

According to the police, some of the females were subjected to inappropriate behavior in exchange for "honor marks" on university examinations.

On Monday, a comprehensive article regarding the drug cartel was published in the Pakistani national newspaper The Dawn.

According to the investigation, the law enforcement agents were in possession of prior knowledge regarding the cartel. However, we were unable to take action since an unknown "high profile" individual was "suppressing" the issue.

Since the beginning of June, the police have been looking into the situation, but they have not taken any action. which might be taken against the accused despite the absence of evidence to support the case.

The top financial officer of the institution was taken into custody on June 28 following the acquisition of particular information. Additionally, a significant quantity of illegal substances was located.

Officer of Finance imprisoned in a Vehicle. Additionally present was the head of safety and security at the institution. In close proximity to it were also discovered medicines.

Islamia university bahawalpur video

According to the findings of the investigation, these female students and their professors were victims of extortion and sexual assault at multiple places.

It is important to note that Pakistani nationals have a difficult time finding the financial resources necessary to purchase alcoholic beverages within their country. However, a significant quantity of alcoholic beverages was discovered within the hiding locations of the accused.

The Special Crimes Unit is looking into the matter right now. During the course of my interrogation of the defendants. They admitted that they had been dealing drugs on the school. After that, the girls and the teachers were rounded up and taken to separate locations for drug use and dance parties.

People's reactions on social media became increasingly heated as the incident unfolded. Following the discovery of leaked screenshots of inappropriate videos on the internet.

According to a number of stories in the local media, an incident of this kind also took place at Lahore University. However, the local police as well as the caretaker administration have remained silent regarding this issue.

Professor and doctor Athar Mahmud is currently serving in the role of Vice Chancellor at the University of Bahawalpur. I penned a letter to the local authorities and the government, requesting that they open a comprehensive investigation into what had transpired.

This year in Pakistan, general elections will take place in the months of October and November.

The government is concerned that the problem of narcotics and extortion may add to the difficulties it is already facing. As a result, actions are being taken on multiple fronts to address and rectify the situation.

In the present day, the educational institution has also established a high-level committee that is looking into the matter. It is speculated that the police department would conduct a press conference on Monday regarding this matter. Through this process, the accused person might be brought before the media.

Twitter Video Going Viral, Featuring Islamia University, Bahawalpur

The viral film that originated at Islamia University Bahawalpur is mostly trending on Twitter because a large number of accounts have shared clips that link to the university's name. It's been documented that certain online users' personal videos have gone viral in the past thanks to their sharing of them.

In a similar vein, some individuals on social media were of the opinion that the controversy involving the institution is, in fact, the same problem. On the other hand, there is no truth to it at all.

It has been suggested in the continuing video that is going viral about Islamia University that more than 5000 graphic videos of girls attending the university were uploaded to adult websites and shared there. Video that was allegedly stolen from Islamia University in Bahawalpur

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