Iraqi ManTurns Abu Dhabi Street into Green Oasis with200tree

Sinan Al Awsi, a 62-year-old Iraqi engineer residing in the United Arab Emirates since 1999, has earned admiration from social media users for his remarkable achievement of planting 200 trees in his district in Abu Dhabi. Over a span of seven years, Al Awsi transformed Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street, also known as Airport Road, into a lush paradise, brimming with vibrant vegetation.

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The Green Oasis of Abu Dhabi: A Man's Dedication to Planting Trees

With unwavering devotion, Al Awsi meticulously planted 105 coconut trees, 104 plumeria trees, more than 80 shrubs, and an array of colorful flowers along a 500-meter stretch. His motivation was to enhance the beauty and ambiance of his neighborhood ,To bring his vision to life, Al Awsi procured a truckload of specially selected soil, installed water lines, and personally planted each tree with great care and precision.

Abu Dhabi Municipality Supports Iraqi Man's Green Initiative, Honored by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed

Expressing his gratitude, Al Awsi acknowledged the incredible support he received from the Abu Dhabi Municipality, which granted him permission to expand his tree-planting efforts. His exceptional dedication even caught the attention of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. During a meeting at Qasr Al Bahr, Sheikh Mohamed honored Al Awsi, filling him with overwhelming joy and pride , In his own words, Al Awsi expressed, "Sheikh Mohamed's reception was a medal on my chest and a great honor that cannot be summarized in a few lines. I am immensely grateful to President Sheikh Mohamed for acknowledging my initiative. As an Iraqi, I am proud to contribute to the ecosystem and sustainability of Abu Dhabi, my second homeland."

A New Purpose: Engineering and Horticulture Unite

Eng. Al Awsi, renowned for his involvement in significant engineering projects such as the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, found a new sense of purpose as his horticultural journey unfolded. Alongside his professional endeavors, he dedicated countless hours to nurturing and caring for the trees he planted , Al Awsi's initiative stemmed from his deep gratitude toward the UAE, his second home, which has provided him and his family with warm hospitality and unwavering support for the past 24 years. His efforts were concentrated on a 500-meter segment of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, commonly referred to as Airport Street.

Abu Dhabi's Green Oasis: Carefully Selected Trees Transform Street, Al Awsi's Dedication Shines

The green transformation he achieved included a carefully selected assortment of trees. Among them were 105 coconut trees, known for their low maintenance requirements and self-cleaning properties, as well as 104 plumeria trees, renowned for their captivating colors and fragrant aromas. Additionally, he adorned the front of his building with 30 trees of various varieties, such as Cestrum and Thai Jasmine , Caring for the trees became an integral part of Al Awsi's daily routine, as he dedicated two hours each day—one in the morning before work and another in the afternoon after work. Fridays were typically reserved for more labor-intensive tasks.

Abu Dhabi's Green Oasis: Sinan Al Awsi's Dedication to Tree-Planting Resumes After Hiatus

The tree-planting endeavor occurred in two phases. The initial phase began in 2005 but had to be paused in 2012 due to housing and workplace-related reasons. However, in 2017, Al Awsi resumed his noble undertaking, which has continued until the present day , When explaining his choice of coconut trees, Al Awsi highlighted their effortless maintenance. "Coconut trees naturally cleanse themselves, requiring minimal intervention apart from regular irrigation and leaf removal. In contrast, date palms necessitate cleaning four times a year, not to mention additional tasks like pollination and harvesting," he explained , Sinan Al Awsi's dedication to transforming a stretch of Abu Dhabi into a green oasis stands as a testament to his unwavering

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