Instructions on how to transmit videos using Discord

This wikiHow shows you how to transmit Discord videos. A standard Discord account can transfer 8MB files, but you need a premium account (Netro) to send 50MB files. Uploading the video to YouTube and sharing the URL over Discord avoids this.

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Discord file size limit

The website does enable you to upload and exchange files, however the maximum file size that can be uploaded is just 8 megabytes.

In this day and age, 8 megabytes is not sufficient for even short films or photographs with a good quality.

The only option to upload files larger than Discord's maximum allowed size is to subscribe to either the Classic or Nitro plan and pay the associated fee.

But wait! Is it possible to upload movies to Discord that are more than 8 megabytes in size?

Yes, it is possible to circumvent Discord's file size restriction and submit movies with a size more than 8 megabytes using certain workarounds. Continue reading this article if you are interested in discovering how to get around the maximum file size restriction imposed by Discord.
Following this, we will discuss several easy methods that might assist you in getting over the size restriction that Discord places on video files.

Let we begin.

Best ways to share larger videos on Discord

There are now multiple ways to share larger videos on Discord. The goal here is to trim or compress the video to fit the maximum file size. Here are the things you can do to share larger videos on Discord.

  1. Trim the video clip
  2. Convert the video to a ZIP file to reduce the file size.
  3. Convert the video file format.
  4. Change the video resolution.

These are the best ways to share bigger videos on Discord without buying a subscription.

1. Trim video and share

Windows, Mac, and Android come with video editors.

Video editing apps reduce videos.
To minimize file size, remove extraneous video segments.

Crop your video to 8MB.

This method only works for videos above 5-6MB.

Uploading Discord movies above 100 or 200MB won't work.

PC video editing software may trim videos. Android video editing applications may reduce phone footage.

2. Convert the video to a zip file

You may ZIP any file to upload large files online.

ZIPs compress pictures, movies, and documents.

Windows and Android zip files easily.

Converting movies to ZIP files is best using third-party compressors.

Right-click the movie and choose Send to > Zip Zip Folder on Windows.
Compress the file to upload to Discord on macOS by right-clicking it.

That's it! After zipping, share on Discord. Receiver decompresses movies.

3. Convert video file format

AVI, MOV, and FLV are larger than MP4.

PC video converters may lower file size by converting videos to MP4 or 3gp.

3GP is an ancient mobile-only file format.

However, MP4 and 3gp conversions lose quality.

MP4 conversion reduces file size but degrades video quality.

Thus, video file format conversion should be the last choice to minimize file size.

4. Change the video resolution

Changes in video resolution and format minimize file size.

Your 4K video may explain its large file size.

Reducing video resolution to 1080p or 720p reduces file size.

Video resolution may cut file size by 50%.

Video editing software or web services may adjust video resolution.

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