Innovative teaching aids

The rate of technological progress is constantly increasing. The effects of this progress are visible in every field of life, especially education. Gone are the days when chalk and a duster were the only teaching aids in schools and the teacher's loud voice, which only attracted attention. New era schools are using innovative educational methods, which we will learn about in this article.

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Types of innovative teaching aids

If you are a teacher or educator who is always looking to improve, you can improve your lessons with innovative and entertaining teaching aids that your students will love.

1. Audio and video tools

Include audio and visual materials to supplement textbooks during your sessions. These can be templates, film tapes, pictures, charts, or other mind and brain mapping tools.

These tools help the learner's imagination to flourish and grow.
These techniques will not only develop his listening ability but will also help him to understand the concepts better.
You can obtain some oral history material, conduct live discussions online, or play recordings of public lectures.
If you're tech-savvy, there are also a number of smart apps for preschoolers that you can use to create awesome slideshows or presentations.

2. Storyboard

A storyboard is a great way to teach any subject that requires step-by-step memorization or visualization of very conceptual ideas.

History educators can use the storyboard to recreate a famous event. This visually stimulating activity will ensure that complex ideas are easily presented to students.

You can also encourage the use of storyboards as a form of communication and allow students to tell a story in pictures using their imagination.

3. Tools that stimulate creativity

Use tools to stimulate creativity. Include fun games or forms of visual exercise that will excite young minds and keep them interested.

This is a time-tested method for identifying the creative potential of each young student and encouraging creative contributions.

4. YouTube

In the YouTube application there are a lot of online modules and videos available that we can use in our education. For example many students find math difficult and recently it was found that math can be taught through a video song. When children see and learn, they can remember for a long time.

5. The educational platform

This Google service allows teachers to organize their classes, interact with students, rate their work, check their progress, and much more. Since it is available on smart devices and requires only a Google account, the educational platform provides a certain amount of flexibility for both the teacher and the students.

It simply works

  • The teacher creates a class and invites students to join it by sending them an invitation via email.
  • Students join the class and have immediate access to all materials provided by the teacher.
  • The teacher can create quizzes, assign essays, quizzes, and even create a class calendar with important dates, so students can always stay informed.
  • The teacher has access to ongoing student work and has the ability to provide insightful feedback.
  • In short, this tool is a virtual classroom that is always open.
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