Information about entry visas to Saudi Arabia

Due to the Two Holy Mosques, history, ancient civilizations, ancient museums, and cultural heritage, the Kingdom is an important center in the Arab and Islamic world. Tourists love the Kingdom's diverse topography, breathtaking landscapes, and long beaches. Thus, the Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Tourism, has worked to develop tourism, increase investment in it, develop its workforce, and attract tourists from abroad, in accordance with the National Tourism Strategy and Vision 2030.

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Tourism strategy in the Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom provided an overview of the goals that the tourism industry hopes to achieve in accordance with Vision 2030.

These goals included the following:

  • bringing the tourism industry's contribution to the overall GDP to more than 10% of total GDP.
  • Creating an additional one million employment opportunities.
  • Attracting one hundred million visitors each and every year by the year 2030

New tourism system

On December 25, 2022, the Ministry of Tourism announced the introduction of 10 new laws concerning the organization and management of tourism attractions and hospitality facilities.

This was an encouraging step towards a healthy future for the tourism industry.

In addition to bolstering the industry and providing more job opportunities for young people in the country, the purpose of these regulations is to establish a climate favorable to investment by taking into account factors such as ease of doing business, innovation, and sustainability.

Other goals include the enhancement of the level of service provided to visitors and the defense of their legal rights, as well as the promotion of an environment favorable to investment.

The rules that were released also contained laws controlling tourism operations of any kind, provisions adding new activities to the tourism market, and measures governing monitoring and inspections to assure the quality of services provided.

When carrying out activities related to tourism, the Ministry of Tourism requested that tourism dealers take into consideration the substance of the new laws in order to avoid legal sanctions and fines, as well as to protect the rights of tourists and maintain the quality of services that are offered.

Tourist visa

In the last three months of 2019, the Kingdom started providing visitors and tourists arriving from outside the Kingdom with an entrance visa that was valid for a whole year.

This visa enables visitors to remain within the Kingdom for a maximum length of ninety consecutive days, which in turn will assist the Kingdom in communicating its history, traditions, and genuine Arab customs to a wide range of cultures and nations.

Countries eligible for a visa:

Tourist visas may be requested by travelers arriving in the United States from any one of the following 49 countries around the world:

Europe nations.
The several nations that make up Asia.
The individual nations that come together to become America.
nations that are found in the Oceania region.

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