i hated it even more spoiler

Awwwh fellow I feel vile composing this post. It's one thing to write a sarcastic, ranty review of a book I had a lot of problems with because it's somewhat pertinent and in context, but it seems somewhat unnecessary to highlight a book in order to be negative about it.

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i hated it even more spoiler

Especially with the term 'hate' – how severe! I never use the word "hate"; I may express strong distaste, but never hatred. Sadly, I do recall one book that perfectly fits this category; typically, I can always find at least one redeeming quality in a novel, but I was speechless with this one...

I decided to read Evermore on a hunch. I had vowed for years not to purchase it simply because it had a beautiful cover, but on a day of weakness, the cover's soft purple hues and delicate typography convinced me to click the purchase button. The novel received so many positive reviews that I assumed it was at least a passable read.
Oh how incorrect!
This is why I no longer follow the suggestions of random Internet users! Instead, I turn to bloggers whose opinions I know I can trust or who share my tastes.

The Immortals series, of which Evermore is the first installment, is a favorite of one of my closest companions. I believe RockerSophz27 mentioned that she also appreciated them, but all I can recall is wanting to throw the book out the window like Pat did with Hemingway in The Silver Linings Playbook.

Ever Bloom, 16 years old, is the solitary survivor of a car accident that killed her entire family. Ever is haunted by her little sister and the ability to see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and know their entire life narrative by touching them after being banished to California. She desires to conceal from the world, but when a stunningly handsome new student arrives at school, she finds herself unable to avoid him. Damen is not what he seems, so falling in love with him is hazardous.
But if Damen is her fate, how can Ever turn her back on him?

i hated it even more

i hated it even more release date

Now, Nol, I'm sure you're a lovely person, but I adore your book about as much as I love mushy peas, which is to say not very much. I thought the premise was interesting. I typically enjoy wiccan or spiritual themes in novels, so the aura concept appealed to me, but it didn't seem overly important to the plot and wasn't elaborated upon.

First, the moniker. Ever? Who has the moniker Ever?! Granted, I was aware of this before purchasing the book, but do you have any idea how uncomfortable it was to read a novel featuring a character with that name? E.g. What are your desires, Ever? What, Always? I kept misreading it as a sentence element rather than a name. EVER GET A PROPER NAME. Oh, oh, but I overlooked the most important detail: her surname is Bloom. So she's like, Ever Bloom. That is so clever and not at all saccharine!! Oh, and determine the name of her best friend... Haven is nearly as ridiculous as the protagonists. (Although I kind of like the moniker Haven, using so many silly names together did me in). It was as if Nol had attempted to select edgy, hip names that she believed adolescents would enjoy, but they sounded ridiculous.

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