How to respond when confronted by bullies

Bullying is when people in power hurt someone or a group of people on purpose and over and over again, such as by hitting them, spreading lies, making threats, etc. Bullying can happen anywhere, like in schools, homes, workplaces, and on social media. It can be done by other people or by people who like to make other people feel weak, helpless, and embarrassed. This piece will tell you some ways to deal with a bully. More positive:

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Appear confident

When you are being bullied, don't show the person who is doing it that he was successful or that you felt insulted.

Instead, face it with confidence by watching your body language, which can send signals to the bully that make him back down.

Raise your head, keep your back straight, look the bully directly in the eyes, and speak in a firm, confident tone. Don't cry or shake, so the bully doesn't think he's done what he set out to do by making you feel bad or embarrassing you.

Even if you don't like the bully, you can win the situation by being strong, solid, and kind.

This makes the bully lose his power, even if you don't like him. Don't let how you feel on the inside show in the way you move.

This takes some work.

Feel your inner strength

Always be sure that you are stronger than the bully. This will give you the courage to face any attempts to hurt you.

We all have inner strength that we can rely on, but the bully tries to make you feel like you don't have it, that you are weaker than him and can't stand up to him. So, be careful of any attempt to make you feel weak on purpose.

If you are physically hurt, you can get stronger and learn how to defend yourself by learning one of the combat sports that is right for you.

This will teach you how to not look like an easy target.

It's easy and makes you feel strong, so the bully will think dozens of times before hitting you.

Be smart about responding to it

Doing so, especially in a group, will put the bully in a situation where he or she will be laughed at and insulted, but that doesn't mean you have to insult the bully back.

And this will be his worst nightmare because it will make him look weak.

But be careful not to show too much interest in the bully. For example, you can ask him directly why he said what he said, and he will stutter to find the words to answer you.

This will show his true character, which is weakness, and this is what you want. If he insults you, you can laugh coldly and ignore him completely.

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