How to renew the UAE passport online, with steps 2023

How to renew the UAE passport electronically with the steps of 2023, many citizens in the United Arab Emirates are searching about renewing the passport electronically, as the government has provided the service of renewing Al-Jazzaz electronically, and through the Al Geneina website, we will show you how to renew the UAE passport electronically with the steps of 2023

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How to renew the UAE passport online, with steps 2023

After this, we will walk you through the steps that you need to do in order to renew your UAE passport online, so make sure you pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Go to the website via the link “from here”.
  • And then register and create a digital identity.
  • Or go to electronic services in case of pre-registration.
  • Then choose the “Issue Passport” service.
  • You must choose the family member whose passport you want to renew.
  • And then choose passport renewal from the list of the reason for issuing the passport.
  • And you should verify the retrieved data if necessary.
  • You must also pay the applicable fees.
  • Thus, the passport will be received from the approved delivery company.

UAE passport renewal requirements

When it comes to renewing your UAE passport online, there are a few criteria that you need to complete in order to be eligible to do so.

These requirements are as follows:

  • A recent photo with a white background.
  • In addition, the eyes must be open.
  • Also, there is no picture frame.
  • The width of the image is 35-40 millimeters.
  • In addition to not showing the hands above the shoulders.
  • Also, when renewing the passport for those who have completed 15 years of age, the fingerprint and signature on the identity card must be provided.

UAE passport renewal fees

The numerous costs connected with renewing your passport are broken down into the following categories and presented in the following format:

  • Where the issuance fees amounted to: 50 dirhams.
  • The fees for electronic services amounted to: 10 dirhams.
  • Where the delivery fee (impost) arrived: 15 dirhams.

This marks the conclusion of the article in which we led you through the process of renewing your UAE passport online using the protocols for 2023 and in which we also supplied you with all of the intricacies and information related with renewing your UAE passport electronically. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you are able to successfully renew your UAE passport online. This marks the end of the article that we have been working on.

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