How to renew residence permits in the UAE online

The United Arab Emirates has several benefits that no other country, even sophisticated ones, can match, making it a popular place to work or visit. Dubai, most famous locally, Arably, and worldwide. Due to the UAE's golden residence prospects, many individuals desire to remain there as long as feasible, which needs renewing any residency type upon expiration to enjoy the finest times and avoid legal liability. Online residency renewal will save you time.

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Online residence renewal in the UAE

You can renew residence permits in the Emirates through the website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority or by downloading the special application of the authority on your mobile phone, with a reminder of the need to renew residence permits when they expire to avoid any legal liability.

such as having to pay a fine for delaying the renewal of residence in the Emirates.

We also point out that some cases may require the renewal of the residence visa before its expiration in a period ranging from one to 6 months, such as travel reasons or health conditions, and obtain prior approval from the General Directorate of Residence and Aliens in the country.

emirate from which the visa was issued.

Due to the state's interest in facilitating government services for both citizens and residents, it has computerized some paper-intensive, time-consuming and effort-consuming services to become electronic services, including the online residency renewal service.

residence renewal in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates:

  • Create an account (digital identity) or register on the electronic services platform
  • Choose the “residence permit renewal” service from the list
  • Submit the application, review and update the data obtained and pay the costs of renewal of the residence in the Emirates
  • Submit an application for renewal of the identity card
  • Deliver the passport to the approved delivery company
  • Place the residence label in the passport
  • Delivery of the passport through the authorized delivery company

You must ensure the correctness and accuracy of the data entered before paying the Emirati residency renewal fees, in order to avoid delivery delays and ensure prompt completion of the Abu Dhabi and other Emirates residency renewal transaction. , and thus meet all the requirements for residence. renovation in the Emirates.

Conditions for renewing residency online in the UAE

Online UAE residency renewal requires numerous requirements.

  • Sponsor's passport valid for at least six months
  • To prevent cancellation, residency renewal applicants must complete the medical exam and insurance requirements within the prescribed timeframe.
  • Avoid application cancellation by following transaction instructions and requirements.

Renewing a residence permit for a person working in the private sector or free zones

The required documents:

  • A colored personal photo with a white background for the sponsored person
  • A copy of the passport
  • Work card or (labor card receipt) for workers in the private sector
  • Approved fit medical examination
  • ID receipt
  • Health insurance or health card
  • A document from the free zone authority stating that the customer is still working
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