how to read Nano Machine Chapter 169

A master-level warrior named Chun Yeowun is going to die as a result of a trap that Lady Mu has prepared. She has informed him that his life is coming to an end. Lady Mu is astounded to learn that Chun Yeowun is aware of Lady Hwa's passing and can now communicate once more.

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how to read Nano Machine Chapter 169

When Lady Mu reveals to Chun Yeowun that the letter was written by Chun Jongsum, a living corpse, Lady Mu's reaction is one of shock and anger. She asserts that Chun Yeowun knew who was responsible for the theft and that Lady Mu was the individual who was responsible for the death of Chun Yeowun's mother.

Yeowun kills Lady Mu by cutting out her eyes with his force qi. This causes her to scream and then to collapse on the floor. The warriors of the Wise clan flee to Yeowun out of fear of what the future holds for them.

Yeowun informs them that members of the Poison clan who had died had their bodies hidden in a storage room by the Poison clan. The strategy was to make it appear as though Yeowun and the Poison clan were engaged in combat with one another, but Yeowun is confident that the First Elder won't discover the truth.

The warriors of the Wise clan become enraged, and Yeowun orders his minions to execute each and every one of them. An assault is launched on the Wise family by the Left Guardian, Lee Hameng, and the 11th Elder, Huan Yi.

This results in a slaughter on one side of the conflict. Lady Mu is unable to see or speak, yet she can still hear her clan's yelling even though she has no sight and no voice. Lady Mu overhears Chun Yeowun saying in a hushed tone that she should be the one to depart last. Lady Mu is experiencing her first feelings of melancholy as a result of anything that has happened in her life.

The imaginative visual style, the vivid use of colors, and the plot all come together to generate a plot and atmosphere that are reminiscent of manhua in Nano Machine. The audience is becoming increasingly interested in learning not just how long this continuous manhua will continue, but also what the future of Nano Machine has in store for them.

Nano Machine Chapter 169

where to read Nano Machine Chapter 169

Fans are hoping that this Manhua Nano machine will have sufficient content to keep them interested despite the fact that there is currently no information available regarding the total number of chapters that will be released. Chapter 169 Spoiler Release Date

Fans are in for a nice treat now that we know when Nano Machine Chapter 169 Raw Scan will be released; this information was previously unknown.

A scan of Chapter 169, which has not been altered in any way, is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2023, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. This chapter is going to be entertaining, and it's going to be full of unexpected turns and twists that are going to make you wonder what's going to happen next.
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