How to obtain golden residency in the UAE

This service (Golden Residency Visa) is provided to specialized talents and researchers in a variety of sectors of science and knowledge for a period of ten years without the requirement of a sponsor, and it is renewable (issued to the applicant and his family members).

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Golden residence in the Emirates

Golden Residency is a program that was introduced in 2019 by the United Arab Emirates to entice investors, businesspeople, and individuals from all over the world who possess remarkable abilities and talents to relocate to the UAE and make a significant contribution to the continued development and expansion of the UAE economy.

The United Arab Emirates Golden Residence program makes it possible for overseas investors and their families to acquire legal residency in the UAE for an extended period of time without the need for a guarantor or sponsor from within the UAE.

The initial minimum investment in real estate required to receive a golden residence permit was 5 million AED; however, in April 2022, the amount required to obtain a golden residence permit was reduced to 2 million AED by the government of the UAE. This is one of many changes that are being made to the program in order to streamline the qualifying requirements and increase the number of different groups that will stand to profit from it.

The application process for UAE Gold Residency is straightforward and swift, and the candidate receives a UAE multiple entry visa that is valid for a period of six months in order to finish the procedures for UAE residency.

golden residence. When all of the requirements are satisfied and approval is received, applicants can choose to have their Emirates Gold Residence Permits valid for either five or ten years, depending on the category under which they submitted their application.

Advantages of golden residency in the UAE

  • Investors and their family members have the right to reside, live, work, study and invest in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ability to add a wife and children without requiring a specific age for children.
  • Take advantage of huge investment opportunities, a favorable environment for investment and trade, as well as tax incentives and exemptions as the UAE does not charge personal income tax.
  • Ability to hire foreign domestic workers and ensure their residence in the country without the maximum number of sponsored persons.

Conditions for obtaining golden residency in the UAE

  1. Ownership of the capital used in the investment must be fully demonstrated.
  2. In the case of real estate investment, proof of the availability of a fixed residence in the UAE (ownership contract or lease of a residence) must be established.
  3. Investors and their family members must have comprehensive health insurance in the UAE for the duration of the residency.
  4. Applicants need to pass a medical examination proving that they are free from communicable diseases
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