How to measure temperature without a thermometer

How do you check a high temperature without a scale? A question that is answered through the idea site. Fever or high temperature is a symptom and not a disease in itself, as it often results from a viral or bacterial infection.

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How do I know if my temperature is too high?

People are often able to feel a change in their body temperature to rise by detecting the symptoms of fever without the need for a thermometer.

This is because fever is caused by an increase in the body's internal temperature.

This is due to the fact that a rise in the temperature of the center of the body is what causes fever.


Check body temperature by symptoms

Some symptoms, such as a high temperature, are more indicative of the presence of a fever than others. The following are some of these symptoms:

  • The existence of goosebumps or a shivering sensation in the skin or in the internal organs of the body is evidence that there is an increase in the temperature of the body, which the body is attempting to fight against.
  • Redness is caused when the blood vessels in the face and cheeks become more dilated so that the body can release more heat into the environment. This causes the face and cheeks to get red.
  • In the case of a viral infection such as a cold or the flu, a patient may experience pain in the body along with fever, sluggish feelings, and headaches as a response of the immune system.
  • Sweating, particularly in the forehead and neck region, where the body strives to release fluids and sweat in order to bring down the elevated body temperature.
  • The condition known as dehydration, in which a person suffering from a fever has a persistent need to drink, a dry mouth, and a sensation of bitterness as a consequence of their body producing a high quantity of perspiration.

Check body temperature by touch

David Carter, president of the Santa Monica Family Medical Group, indicated that individuals may monitor their temperatures without the use of a thermometer in the following ways
He said that the process is carried out with the assistance of a third party, who either presses the palm of their hand or their lips on the subject's forehead. It has also been shown that this technique is more successful when the practitioner places a hand first on his own forehead and then on the forehead of the patient.
This is done so that the normal body temperature may be contrasted with the high temperature of the patient, and the difference between the two can be noted. He went on to say that it is pointless for an individual to measure his own temperature since the temperature increases in all sections of the body, making it impossible for the patient to distinguish between the two temperatures.
He added that this way of recognizing a high temperature discloses a fever but does not reveal an accurate thermometer that requires a thermometer. He said this is because a fever requires a thermometer.

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