How to make essential oils at home

Most essential oils are made by letting herbs soak in vegetable oils, which are called "soaked oils." These oils are used as a replacement for pure intermediate oils, which are used in many products and beauty chemicals that are usually thought of and used in oil therapy, massage, and food. High quality and luxury, and also used to make hand-made soap and for many other things.

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What are oils used for?

Soaking oils must be veggie oils, and olive oil is the most well-known one because it can soak up a lot of the oil in greens. Depending on what the essential oil is going to be used for, the way it is made often changes.

Olive oil can be used for ointments, make-up, almond oil, hazelnut oil, and other light oils.

How is essential oil prepared?

The first way.

1- Take the dry or fresh herbs, as available, and chop up the equivalent of a cup of them.
2- Place the crumbled herbs in a bowl with a wide mouth or opening.
3- Add the vegetable oil so that the amount is sufficient to cover the amount of herbs and mix them well.
4- After a day or two, add a small amount of oil.
5- Place the mixture in a warm place, provided that it is shaken once a day. The best temperature in which the mixture is placed is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius.
6- Leave the herbs soaked in the oil for up to a week.
7- Using any available means such as a cloth or a suitable strainer, filter the oil and press on the herbs to completely filter them from the oil, and you can use your hand in the pressing and filtering process.
8- Keep the resulting oil in a cool, dark place.

The period in which the herb was soaked in the oil, which is a week, is sufficient for the oil to acquire the scent of the soaked herb and the healing or beneficial properties of the herb.
You can double the effect of the oil by soaking dry herbs in the oil resulting from the previous soaking process for another week, and this process is called double soaking.


The second way.

In this method, heating or heat is used, and the essential oil is extracted as follows: –
1- Place the dry herbs in a bowl and cover with oil.
2- Place the pot on the fire, provided that it is at a low temperature of 29 to 30 degrees Celsius, provided that the pot is not covered, and the mixture is constantly stirred.
3- This process lasts about 6 hours, and after the heating period is over, the mixture is left until it cools completely, then the oil is filtered from the herbs, and the resulting oil is filled and preserved.

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