How to issue an exit permit in the United Arab Emirates

The Federal Authority for the Identification of Citizenship and Customs oversees the UAE's entry and exit services, which are simple and fast and can be requested online or at customer satisfaction centers. depart the Emirates, which we shall explain.

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What is the service of issuing a permit to leave the Emirates?

The Emirates Exit Permit Service is a service that allows a request to be made to issue an Exit Permit, which is a permit issued by the state for violators of the laws of residence in the Emirates, and the applicant is required to leave the country within the provided period of 7 days, and the violating residents or visa holders must not exceed this period or they are liable for the consequences of their actions.

The applicant can make their request through the Emirates Exit Permit Service.

Customers can request authorization to leave Dubai and the United Arab Emirates using a variety of different channels, including the website of the authority, the smart app, going to the customer service center that is located closest to them, or going to the printing office that is located closest to them that is accredited by the authorities.

Procedures for issuing a permit to leave the Emirates

In addition to customer satisfaction centers and other contact channels allowed by the authority, permission to leave the Emirates can be provided through a call center on the authority's website as well as through a smart app on the website.

The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken in order to apply for a permit to leave the Emirates using the website or the smart app:

  • Make use of your digital identifier or username to log in to Smart Services.
  • Finding a Service That Can Issue Emirates Exit Permits
  • Please fill out the application information to the best of your ability.
  • Charged with a service fee
  • The customer will be notified through email or text message that the request has been created. This notification will also include an update on the request's current status.
  • Through the use of the electronic system maintained by the Federal Service for Identification and Citizenship, the customer is provided with the results of the service.
  • When it comes to the processes involved in acquiring a service through customer satisfaction centers or through printing houses, it is required to prepare the relevant paperwork, documents, and fees. Additionally, it is necessary to visit the centers and track them with a knowledgeable employee.
The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Customs provides many legal services to citizens and residents

Papers and documents required to issue an exit permit

The following are the papers and documents required in order to obtain exit permits in the Emirates:

  1. Colored personal photo
  2. A copy of the passport
  3. Sponsored residence or residence visa
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